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The Victoria Chart Company: Growing Up Chart: Reward Sticker Chart: Reviewed

We have a 3 1/2 year old daughter. She has always been well behaved, loving, and sweet, however lately she has been having some difficulty with listening and following requests when it comes to cleaning up her toys in the living room or her bedroom, and putting things back where they belong. She plays mostly in the living room all day and the majority of her toys are stored there. Often it will be bedtime and she refuses to stop what she is doing, put her toys away, and get ready for bed. She also has been increasingly whiny and is going through a stage where she is not wanting to exhibit patience with waiting her turn. These are these issues we have been struggling with for the past 6 months or so. I do want to note, that our son is 5 months old, so I realized she may be acting out in order to get attention. On a positive note, she is nearly 100% potty trained, but has had a few accidents at night and during nap times. We had the opportunity to review a children's reward chart this past month and I would love to tell you about it and our experience.

The chart we tested was the "Growing Up Chart" by The Victoria Chart Company. This is a chart for children around preschool age and focuses on positivity, structure and routine. Parents and children are able to work together with their goals of improving behavior and tasks. Children are motivated when they see their progress on the chart, and are therefore wanting to repeat their positive actions. My daughter loves sticker, so stickers are a fantastic reward. We do not like to use food or sweets as rewards as that can cause problems later on. Stickers are fun and a great way to visualize what she has done.

The drawings on this chart are absolutely adorable. They are little stick figure based cartoon children, however each child has a different appearance. I love how they are all different ethnicities, which is great for children of this age particularly to see that children come in all skin shades.

The chart comes with "Great Job" star stickers when something was done exceptionally well or when the child accomplishes something on their own will, such as deciding to get up, and say " I need to go to the potty" and then they go into the bathroom, potty, wipe, flush, and wash hands all without help or without being asked to. My daughter shined in the potty area of the chart. Our chart did not have potty as an option, however, each chart has some free spaces to white what you want to work on. We used a fine permanent marker for these areas so they did not smear. Even though she is pretty much potty trained in the day, there still might be times when she forgets to go, or refuses to go and this will motivate her.

When we asked her to clean up her toys, some days she did wonderfully and then would ask for a sticker, and some days she would have trouble listening and obeying our requests to clean up and get ready for bed. Some days we would calmly ask her to clean up and inform her that if she did, they would get a sticker.

She excelled the most in the potty area. The eating all her food area we decided to not use that one as much as she always eats all her food and despite her small weight, she really can work up an appetite. :) My husband and I absolutely adore this chart. It is classy looking and not corny in any way. Often I would see reward charts that had unattractive graphics or well known cartoon characters on it. We had never found a chart we liked, so had never used one before.

I absolutely love the company's methods and ways of teaching and influencing. Here is what the company believes and their creed:

Our Encourage & Praise™ Method

Children learn from our attitudes, our actions and our reactions. The way we communicate with and around children has a great impact on their development. However, the pressure of modern day life can make it difficult to remember to act positively - our attention can often be elsewhere, our voices raised and we can be quick to focus on the negative.

Our carefully created Encourage & Praise™ reward systems provide a reference point to help families address this issue. They act as a positive reminder to work together to achieve goals.

Placing our charts in an easy to view position and combining the excitement of receiving a sticker with verbal praise creates a powerful tool for a parent/carer to recognize and acknowledge a child’s achievements. Building our charts into your daily routine can help families to create a positive environment.

My husband and I feel that this chart not only helps our daughter build positivity and self esteem, but also helps us as adults / parents. We are able to be much calmer, more positive and patient with her, which she is modeling our behavior and actions. The company has so many different charts for different age groups and themes. They have ones for school aged children, potty charts, tooth brushing/grooming habits, bedtime/sleeping charts, journals, and more. I hope to try more products from them in the future.

Encouragement and Praise

One thing that was SUPER ADORABLE and FUN, is that there is a profile of all the little "kiddies." You can see each cartoon child, their name, their favorite activities, toys, foods, their ages, siblings, etc. (downloadable--these are fun for my daughter to hear me read about to her and it makes it more personal.) "Alice is 5, likes her dolly, and Lemon Mousse." That is too cute!

Meet the Kiddies

To learn more about this amazing company:

Victoria Chart Company Website

Victoria Chart Company Facebook

Victoria Chart Company Twitter

This chart exceeded my expectations and is a must have item. I highly recommend it. This chart included everything we needed and was simple to put up on her door.

This is what we received:

• A Large Wall Chart (11 inches wide by 25 inches high) to hang in a central point to monitor progress. (We put this in the living room on the outside of her bedroom door).

• 10 x Activity Stickers which cover the following activities: I enjoyed school, I’ve been kind to someone, I dressed myself, I practiced my reading, I’ve eaten my food, I practiced my math, I’ve written and drawn, I practiced my spellings, I’ve been good at bedtime and I’ve been polite.

• 6 x Blank Activity Stickers that can be customized to the individual needs of your child. (We wrote in: "I used the potty" and "I picked up my toys."

• 240 Colored 1-20 Stickers designed to help with learning colors and counting.

• 84 Gold ‘Great Job’ Star Stickers for when your child does exceptionally well. (These were popular with my daughter.)

• A Supportive Information Sheet with a practical example, tips and guidelines to help you and your child get the best results from your chart.

• Sticky mounting pads and a dry-erase marker.

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