Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spirit Halloween Website: 2014 Children's Costumes

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How many of you or your children are still undecided on what they are going to wear this year for Halloween? Time is running out.  If you have small children like I do, you still are able to have a big say in what they are dressed as.  I tend to like more classic or timeless themes for costumes, instead of characters that perhaps might not be as well known in a few years.  As it gets closer to the 31st, I am still deciding on what I will pick out for my daughter, and have a couple ideas floating around.

Last year she (age 2 1/2 at that time) was Little Bo Peep and dressed in all pink and white,  complete with the bonnet, full skirt, long white pantalettes, stuffed lamb and basket. The only thing she did not have was a shepherd's hook, but that was left out for safety reasons. I am considering the idea of continuing the Story Book / Fairy Tale theme and have thought about Red Riding Hood. How darling would that be? She is 3 1/2 and loves wearing dresses. I think it will be perfect for her.

I found a great website that has a massive selection of costumes for not only children, but for the entire family.  The website is Spirit Halloween.  The selection is quite impressive and the prices are reasonable.  Often you can find a coupon code that can be applied to your order.

I was browsing through the costumes and saw they had 2 pages of various red riding hood costumes, along with various accessories and add-ons, that would make the costume really stand out. A basket and a wolf would definitely make this little Red Riding Hood costume believable!  They have costumes that adults can wear to appear as the big bad wolf.  How fun would it be for a little girl's Daddy to dress as the wolf, and Mommy to be Granny, and their daughter to dress as little Red? Have a little brother or sister younger than little Red? How about dressing the little sibling as a giant homemade cookie for Granny? I think theme costumes for the family is a fun idea. I did not see any baby or toddler cookie costumes, but that could be created easily as a DIY project. One way could be to get a top and bottom beige colored sweat pants set, and put sewn on dark brown felt chocolate chips circles all over it or cut out a large piece of cardboard in a circle (one for front and one for the back of the child to wear over their white clothing) and draw chocolate chips on it and make a cookie sandwich costume (the little child would wear white underneath to appear as a chocolate chip sandwich cookie--white cream inside the delicious cookie).  Granny loves her little sweets (sweetie).

The Red Riding Hood costume that I like from the website is now sold out online, but luckily there is a Spirit Halloween store in our city.

Red Riding Hood

This appears to be a nice quality little costume. The adorable lace-up corset style gingham dress is paired with a hooded red shoulder cape.  I love the little peek a boo lace trim. This particular costume is available in toddler sizes: 1T-2T and 2T-4T.  The adorable little brown basket, white shoes, and white stockings are not included in the set, but can be found separately on the website, along with these sweet white gloves. A red and white gingham basket can be found here. I love this other little gingham basket that can be found on the Spirit website. It is not red and white, but I think it is super cute with the double flap openings.

The Spirit Halloween website has many costumes and accessories to suit everyone's desired style. There are a wide variety of sizes as well. If you have not decided on you or your child's perfect costume, the website has a handy Costume Finder Tool.  It is a short questionnaire set up for you to answer a few simple questions.  They will make costume recommendations based on the age range of the person needing a costume, whether they are male or female or unisex, and the theme you are going for (scary, funny, fairy tale, super hero, etc.).  The website is well laid out and divided into labeled sections. I thought it was really helpful that they have a Resource Section that provides Makeup Application Tips , Halloween Food Ideas, and so much more to create the best Halloween you've ever had!

For more information on the Spirit Halloween Website and to keep up to date on new arrivals, deals, and more, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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