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Maskit Sanitary Disposal System for tampons and pads: Reviewed

How many times have you been at a family or friend's house and you are having your monthly cycle and you excuse yourself to the restroom and there is no waste basket to dispose said sanitary product? Perhaps there is a waste basket and you really do not want to simply use toilet tissue to remove the evidence. I know I have had those unfortunate times. I came across a company that has made life just a bit easier for ladies during their monthly cycle.

The company is called "Maskit" and they want to save you the extra mess and potential embarrassment. MaskIT is a USA made, patent pending, sanitary disposal bag that offers a discreet & sanitary solution for the disposal of soiled feminine hygiene items. MaskIT makes it simple to grasp a used pad, tampon, or even a reusable diva cup, while protecting the hand. These items are able to be removed with a protected hand, then enclosed & sealed within the small pouch, this prevents leaking and blocks smells. The bag actually converts into a gloved covering used for grasping the messy product and then turns in on itself to store and seal up the item fro discreet disposal. Wonderful!

Here is what the product looks like: It comes in 2 sizes, one is for sanitary pads and the other is for tampons. I normally use a diva cup, but have been know to use a pad. So this still comes in handy for me.

The Maskit company has an excellent Mission Statement: (one that showcases their love for their customers and the environment)

MaskIT LLC is committed to providing a sanitary, discreet, and simple method of disposal for used feminine hygiene items for women everywhere. We strive to provide this practical solution and added daily convenience in an environmentally conscious manner. We hope to use our unique platform to pioneer change and inspire others to create more biodegradable and compostable products. We are driven to create jobs in the USA and stimulate the economy with this new innovative product. MaskIT LLC defines itself by it’s integrity in business and desire to do good for people, for our environment, and for our community.

MaskIT products are manufactured in the USA! (California)

Their packaging is made from the most eco-friendly paper available and is printed with soy-based ink, with water-based coatings and is 100% recyclable. I love how they make it no secret where they source their materials. They are USA based and I do not have to wonder about safety issues with materials used, and I do not need to wonder where it was made. They are completely honest about it all. They tell you who supplies and produces their packaging, that is very helpful and reassuring. They provide the box packaging source (who makes their boxes) and where the bio-film (for their bags) comes from.

What is "bio-film"? Glad you asked, I learned something new as well. It is the material of their disposal bag. Let me explain:

The biofilm used for MaskIT products is made with "mater-bi". Mater-bi is "derived from plant starches, vegetable oils and compostable polymers that can be consumed by microorganisms that live in our soils." They are super environmentally conscious! The bags are smooth and lightweight. They are thin and they are not noisy (rustle or crinkle sound) like a plastic bag would be. This helps with a discreet disposal when you are in a public multiple stall restroom and do not really enjoy having others know what you are doing.

My overall thoughts and a recommendation:

This is a great product, and super necessary for visiting other people's bathrooms. I do want to note that I normally use the enclosed wrapper that the sanitary pads are sold with, however, tampons do not have a descent sized wrapper than can really be re-used for product disposal. Once the tampon wrapper is opened, it is usually torn and the messy tampon would not go in well. When at a friend or family member's home bathroom, a sanitary pad wrapper, might not cut it. It would not completely dispose the used product well, it would not contain any messes or undesirable smells, but also sanitary wrappers would be quite noticeable in a waste basket. This is where the Maskit product comes to our rescue. The Maskit wrapper does not immediately notify others that it contains a feminine product. It looks like a little baggy in the trash and more than likely wont draw attention.

I like the Eco-consciousness of the entire product. I think it would be neat if the company came out with an additional product available for purchase that was a fabric holder pouch to store the clean unused bio-film bags. The fabric pouch would be a nice addition to a purse and could be machine washed if needed. That way if someone was to see any contents of your bag, they would just see a cute pouch. This obviously is not a necessary item, just would be a fun add on for even more discreet storage.

Connect with the company and learn more about their product:

Frequently Asked Questions for Maskit

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