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Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer: Reviewed

Being a mother of a 3 1/2 year old (daughter) and a 5 month old (son), our small SUV gets pretty crowded with stuff. Our daughter has a large convertible car seat, and my son, who is 5 months has a small car seat that still takes up a lot of room due to the base underneath it. There is a tiny bit of space between them for my daughter's stuffed toys, travel pillow, and books she keeps in the car, and not much room for much else. Our daughter is basically potty trained, however we always take 1-2 extra outfits for the unexpected potty accident or food mess. We always have a variety of car snacks for my 3 1/2 year old, ranging form tiny boxes of raisins, travel apple sauce containers, cheddar crackers, pretzels, etc. We also keep a breastfeeding cover for my infant, 2-3 Bum Genius one sized cloth diapers, a thickly padded, shopping cart cover, an Ergo infant carrier, 2-3 spare clothes for baby, and more toys and books. We even have a picnic blanket for days we decide to stop at a park. The SUV gets pretty cluttered and probably has far more in it that I am admitting. :)

I had the opportunity to try a stroller organizer from Children n' Us company. Currently we do not have a stroller, but have our eye on one at the baby store. We were excited to receive this as we wanted to use this as a car organizer for the little ones. This will make things much more tidy

This is a rather generously sized organizer in a sturdy black material. It reminds me of a Jansport or LLBean backpack material, that is washable and able to get wet if you are caught in the rain. It does not zip closed, but has a large flap with a magnetic snap. The flap only covers the middle part of the large main opening, so that you can quickly grab a bottle from the inside mesh pockets. This also allows a tall bottle to peak out the top for easy access. There are insulated spots for 2 bottles or sippy cups. We put on glass Avent 4 oz bottle (with silicone grip sleeve) on one side for our son, and 2 travel single serve apple sauces with a spoon for our daughter. There is a pocket on the front left outside part for your cell phone or small camera--we put a wooden cob in there instead. Next to that there is a larger Velcro closure pocket where we put disposable nursing pads, a travel bib, several tea bags, mini first aid, chap stick, a pacifier that he never will take, antacid pills, 1 oz travel sunblock, some hand and face wipes, a tub of Carmex lip balm, and a few other tiny must haves. There is an external pocket for an extra items such as a thin baby book or disposable diaper (we use cloth but having a spare 1 or 2 disposable are always helpful). Inside there is also a zippered pocket for your keys or cell phone (when going on an outing) or anything else you want tucked away. We do not use that for much right now as this stays in the car.

Approximate size: (11.8x6.3x5.9 in)

Items it can fit (but that are not necessarily shown in my pictures, as this gets repacked and re-organized depending on what we are needing it for)

There are 2 ways we pack this on the inside---the outside stays the same:

1.) Focusing on our infant's use as a extra diaper bag:

We use Bum Genius One Size snap 4.0 cloth diapers (rather fluffy in thickness as I often use one newborn microfiber insert and a Thirsties hemp cotton prefold in each diaper) and it's big enough for 2 depending on how you pack it. I can fit my Bebe au lait nursing cover, and 1-2 change of infant clothes (depending on what the outfit is, onesies and socks are easy to fit more), wipes and in the 2 mesh pockets on the inside to hold 1-2 4 oz. glass Avent bottles with sleeve (or 4 oz. glass Avent bottle with sleeve and 2 apple sauces for my 3 1/2 yr. old).

2.) Used for both children:

When I do not have clothes or diapers in it, I put an 80 ct. disposable wipes pack on the bottom, 2 apple sauce packs on the left bottle pocket, 1 of 4 oz. glass Avent bottle with sleeve, a slim plastic cylinder of raisins (used to be a Crystal Light powder drink packet container---clever huh? LOL. and then another one of those similar containers has cheddar bunnies from Annies.) Before closing it all I can lay my nursing cover over the top, right under the flap. This is the option we use the most.

It measures approximately 11.8 x 6.3 x 5.9 inches. When I measured, I measured the top opening at the was wider at around 15 inches. It features an adjustable strap on each side, 3 pockets on the outside, a zipper on the inside, 2 bottles holders on the inside and a magnetic flap to close the bag. The 2 straps on the outside are sturdy and clip it to a stroller or back of seat in car. We cross the straps and make it to work as a short shoulder strap, that we do not put over our shoulder but use as a handle when moving it---this is convenient for us, and was an accident that I figured it out. I am thinking it was not really designed with that feature in mind, but it works super well.


The front pockets are perfect for carrying a phone, (wooden comb! like us) sunglasses, firs aid kit, small toys, wallet or whatever! The Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer will go anywhere you can imagine. It clips easily to any car headrest and even bikes. If you aren't happy with the organizer for any reason it is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

You can find this on Amazon: Super Stroller Organizer

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Now for the fun part! LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURE OVERLOAD OVER 25! This is how it normally is packed, as a car organizer for my 2 little ones. It stays in the car right now as I carry my diaper bag with baby essentials and we do not currently have a stroller.

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