Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kitchenware Plus Bamboo Cutting Board set: Reviewed

I recently was sent 2 bamboo cutting boards and let me tell you I am swooning! We have some other cutting boards in our kitchen and they are "just cutting boards." Cutting boards are not something you general get excited about, they are useful and necessary for providing a clean, even, stable and safe surface to cut and prepare food on, but they are not something you really think about, at least I never did.

When the Kitchenware Plus bamboo cutting boards arrived (in a massive, well sized protective box)  I was impressed. The boards are smooth, sturdy, and thick. They also smell lightly fragrant with the familiar sweet wood smell. They are 3/4" thick, with the large board being 18" X 13" and the medium one at 13" x 8.5." These are spacious enough for any of your culinary tasks. I think they are quite the stunning pair and would look great as a serving tray for food items at a holiday party (do not put very hot items on them). I can see us putting a pretty plate on top and serving fancy cheese and crackers or fruit.

They have a carved out / groove drip area along the 4 sides, which I would assume would help with keeping your kitchen counter clean from juicy fruits such as watermelon or oranges, etc. We won't be using these boards for meats (so meat juices wont be dripping), as I worry about salmonella and other bacteria seeping into wood and not getting sanitized properly. We will only use these for breads, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Please do keep this board clean with hot soapy washes (by hand and with a cloth, not by submerging). This should be oiled every now and then to keep it looking nice.

The only thing I was frustrated with is when these arrived, they each had a large information/instruction label glued down securely on them. It took me 15 minutes to gently scrape the paper off after wetting the paper. At first I thought I could just remove the paper, but then the paper kept shredding and leaving securely strips behind on the board. I had to get a wet paper towel, and get the label really wet and then took a store card/credit card and gently scraped it away. That was my only frustration with the boards, otherwise I think they are nice.

You can find this set on Amazon: Kitchenware Plus Bamboo Cutting Board Set

**This set was sent to me as a sample in exchange for an honest review.**

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