Friday, October 3, 2014

Number One Glucosamine MSM Supplement: Reviewed

My husband has been having stiff joints and muscle pain for the last year. Often he will get an intense pain in his feet, calves or thighs. Sometimes he has lower back pain. Luckily for him, not all areas bother him at once. I am trying to get him to drink more water, take his vitamins daily, and to eat 3 actual meals per day (he skips breakfast and most days he skips a lunch break at work--and is on his feet all day long on concrete tile---not good). He does sleep properly at night with a pillow between his knees to align his posture, so that helps. I also try to offer him more bananas to eat as they contain Potassium (helps with preventing his leg cramping and pain).

I had the opportunity to try a Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM supplement from the company Number One Nutrition. The bottle is quite large and contains 240 tablets, it is recommended you take three tablets a day. The pills are regular sized pills and he has no trouble swallowing them. He actually takes his 3 all at once, in the afternoon/early evening as that is the most convenient for him to take with his other pills. He works from a little before 6 am until almost 5 pm so he stays busy during the day and his schedule does not allow him to take a break. I realize he would possibly benefit more from taking 1 pill 3 times a day, however, he and I have seen him improve in mobility and reduction of pain after almost of month of taking these pills so he will continue like he has been.

is responsible for promoting healthy cartilage, ligaments and tendons. This helps protect joints and allows the body to move more freely. Chondroitin is naturally found in cartilage surrounding the joints of the body and assists with improvement in flexibility and elasticity. MSM is important for building collagen, elastin, and cartilage. These all assist with healthier joints. As we age, the body produces less of the above and cartilage become thinner. Bones potentially rub in the thin areas, and in return can cause pain and discomfort. Taking a joint supplement such as this can help improve mobility, reduce pain and stiffness. It can assist the body with building cartilage.

My husband has not missed a dose and we agree he is in less discomfort. He still does have some pain, but he has improved. This has not caused him any side effects and it does not bother his stomach in any way. He takes this with his other vitamins and supplements.

For more information, you can find this supplement on Amazon: Glucosamine - Chondroitin - MSM Supplement

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