Tuesday, October 28, 2014

8 inch Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan (Non Stick Ceramic) Reviewed

I eat a fried over easy egg sandwich a few times a week. It is not the healthiest, but it gives me protein and it tastes really good. :) Adding oils, spray or butter to the pan is not healthy and yet is necessary to prevent sticking. I recently was sent a pan to review that does not need any oil for cooking. It is by the Ozeri company. I have reviewed their items in the past and have yet to be disappointed. This 8 inch pan is a Gorgeous LIME colored pan. It is the perfect size and have I mentioned that I LOVE the color? Seriously.

I had never heard of the "GREBLON" ceramic coating, but it is a form of ceramic that is German crafted and contains no heavy metals or chemicals. Other pains in our kitchen have a non stick coating that after a few months can scrape off and potentially get into food. This is pretty scary for us as we have 2 children and do not want chemicals to be consumed by them or us. The pan has a waffle-like or honeycomb pattern that seems to add to the ease of lifting food from the pan. We never use metal spatulas, but even regular spatulas can damage pans over time and make the coating come off. Will use this pan and update over time to see how well it stands up to prolonged use. So far I am impressed with the look, heft, and more importantly its functionality. I like how it comes with a green felt pan protector to keep the surface safe and protected from placing other pans on top of it.

Besides looking super cute in our retro themed pink and olive green kitchen, this bright lime pan has a honeycomb textured surface that assists the pan's non-stick performance. I took a short live video of me using this for the first time, frying an egg and I did not use any butter, oil, or non stick spray. I was happily surprised. We often have fried eggs sticking even after using lots of oil in our other pans. We have electric burners on an older stove and often the burners get incredibly hot and scorch our pans, making food stick. This pan has 100 percent ceramic coating and truly is easy to clean. I basically can wipe this clean with a wet cloth if I wanted to, that is impressive. The handle is super comfortable and has a heat resistant silicone. The bottom of the pan is silver colored and looks nice as well. It is designed for rapid heat transfer. I cooked my fried egg on level 3 on on an electric burner (our burner goes from 1 to 10 in level of heat.)

The pan is attractive and works well. I am loving it for fried, over easy eggs. I usually have a fried egg a few times a week and the fact that I do not need ANY oil or spray is amazing. So much healthier! I am taking over this pan as Mom's egg pan for fried eggs. It is perfect. The only thing I am not a fan of is that is is made in China. We prefer USA and local crafted products to support the economy. The coating is German made.

For more information about this company or to purchase this pan, you can find it on Amazon: 8" Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

I received this gratis in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and completely honest.

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