Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dr. Song Rose Hip Oil: Reviewed

I had the opportunity to review rose hip oil from “Dr Song Medicals”. The oil is USDA certified organic. For those unfamiliar, rose hip oil is extracted from rose bush seeds. The hips are the berries under the petals, and the berries have seeds. This rose hip oil contains fatty acids which is great for skin and can improve appearance and health of skin. Would you like a soft supple, glowing complexion? I know we all want to look younger and healthier. You should try facial oil application, which also called oil cleansing.

Oil cleansing involves using an oil to massage into facial skin, in circular motions, to gently and effectively remove makeup, dirt from the environment, treat acne and blackheads. I try to oil cleanse every night. I do not use sulfate laden soaps on my face or body. To cleanse my face I take the oil of my selection, then gently remove all makeup (removed stubborn eye makeup quickly, easily and without tugging at delicate eye skin). When my makeup is all removed, I wipe away this oil that has makeup mixed in. I then apply a dropper full or 2 of oil (often just rose hip or I sometimes mix several together as seen later in this posting) and reapply the oil to makeup free face. I then turn on the faucet on high on the hot side and generate very hot water. I soak a face cloth with hot water and wring it out. I turn off the water and steam my oiled face and leave the cloth on until it cools. I then repeat with another hot cloth steaming, then when that cools I wipe my facial oil off, get my cloth wet with cold water to close my pores that were opened from steaming. This is a wonderful way to wash your face as well as nourish your skin with all the benefits of oiling.

Rosehip oil has fatty acids that are wonderful for skin. When fatty acids (which can be found in nuts, fruits, botanicals, or fish) are applied to your face or consumed, your skin and body can benefit. If you are deficient in essential fatty acids you can show signs of premature aging or have overly dry skin. Essential fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties, and can heal problem skin, healing; acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin problems and irritation.

Rose hip oil can also aid in the natural regeneration of skin cells. Individuals with acne, scarring, or skin trauma can see a marked improvement with daily use. I had mild to moderate acne in high school and college, so am dealing with the red spots left behind. I like to apply this oil daily, either through my facial oil cleansing routine, or as a spot treatment. Within this oil contains beneficial vitamins, A and C. Vitamin A (Retinal) promotes healthy skin (prevention and treatment of wrinkles and acne) and vitamin C can smooth wrinkles, treat sun spots, redness, and hyperpigmentation due to the astringent and antioxidant properties.

Having used this product myself for nearly three weeks I have observed that some of my long-term skin redness (past acne marks) near my chin has lightened a bit and also my skin feels softer and is noticeably clearer. Please note with any skin care regiment it is a commitment and any dramatic changes will take place however only after daily application. I mention this so that if you start using the product and see it does not immediately remedy skin irritation remember to give it time. I know when I first began ‘oil cleansing’ (almost 1 1/2 years ago) that my skin took some time to react to this new treatment. At first my skin seemed oilier and almost more irritated and prone to acne, however this was a short transition period and improvement came shortly afterward.

Dr Song’s Rose Hip Oil arrived to me in a well padded box. I was sent a four ounce bottle, which is dark blue in color and has a dropper top. The dark blue glass (sometimes companies use amber brown, which is great too) aids in preventing light from reaching the oil, which with over exposure, might interfere with potency and freshness of the ingredients.

I like this oil as it has to have positive effects on my skin. It is pure rose hip oil and works like other rose hip oils I have used in the past. My skin is more moisturized, and this oil does not cause my skin to be shiny. When using this product for oil cleansing, sometimes I use this oil alone as mentioned above. I use 2-3 dropper full amounts. If I decide to mix it with other oils I have on hand, I use argan oil, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin, and caster oil. I have seen excellent results either way. I have been sulfate free for over a year and a half, and have better skin now at 32 than when a teen or in my twenties. When I use this as a spot treatment, which is treating a small area rather than the entire face, I use it around my delicate eye area and also around my smile to help reverse smile lines. I think continued use will see further improvement for my fine lines and past acne scars. I would recommend this product to anyone concerned about maintaining and preserving their complexion.

Please note that this oil does not smell like roses. I knew that and so I was not concerned when I first used this. It smells just like any other rose hip oil brand. It is not a sweet or perfume fragrance, it is a oily nutty scent.

For more information, this can be found and purchased on Amazon: Dr Song Medicals Rose Hip Oil

The information written about rosehip oil in general in my review, is based on my experience of using rose hip oil in the past year (various brands) and is also cited from this source.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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