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Genuine Baltic Amber teething necklace by Toogli: Reviewed

My little guy is almost 6 months and a few weeks ago he started teething. I could tell he was in pain because he was constantly screaming at night off and on, very red in the face, and sticking his fists in his mouth, even after a good feeding of mama milk.

During the day (and night) he would want to nurse more frequently and was always drooling.  I never gave my daughter (my first little one) any teething medicines, not even homeopathic ones as I wanted the most natural methods. With her, I would try frozen wash clothes, teething toys and lots of rocking, kisses, and singing. About 5 or 6 months of age I discovered Baltic Amber teething necklaces and started her out with an anklet then a few days later, I decided on a necklace.

Teething necklaces are not for putting in baby's mouth. Baltic amber is a tree sap resin that when worn against the skin, and warmed by body heat, releases succinic acid which gives your baby relief from the pain of swollen gums and sore new teeth. When babies are teething, it is quite common for them to have irritable moods, increased crying and screaming, ear grabbing, uncontrollable drooling and fevers. We ended up getting our daughter 2 Baltic Amber necklaces and an anklet. She never put them in her mouth because we started her wearing them as a young age, she never noticed them. She wore the same ones for about 3 years until we decided to get her a new set.  Nothing was wrong potency wise with her original set, it just was looking a bit shabby due to a few pieces had come off after 3 years of constant wear.

You are supposed to remove them from the baby's neck while they sleep, and so we put her necklaces on her other ankle for the first year when she slept, then after that, we just kept them both on all the time, as we felt it was safe for her since she was always monitored.  The baltic amber necklaces and anklets are knotted in between so that if one bead falls off, no others come off with it.  The necklace is also meant to break away for safety.  She is almost 4 and loves her amber.

With our son, who is almost 6 months, he is going through the exact same thing. He has been having difficulty sleeping and is increasingly fussy. A few weeks back I was able to try a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from the Toogli company on Amazon.  I was sent a mix color necklace in the raw amber. 

My daughter had polished amber in the milk and butter for her first set. Milk and butter are the lightest amber colors and so they are a bit stronger than the darker colors. Polished amber works well, but not as well as raw, unpolished.  Polishing makes the amber shiny and it does look more like jewelry, but it is said that polishing seals the amber pores so that it does not give off the succinic acid as freely.  Polished amber is often heat treated as well.  I had selected polished for her a few years ago, because at that time I thought it was prettier for a girl. 

Nowadays, after seeing the raw in person, I actually think the raw is nicer looking, MUCH NICER than polished.  When I updated my daughter's necklaces and purchased 2 new ones for her, I got unpolished raw as I thought they looked nicer and I liked the strength of the amber.  Her amber is in raw honey color (hers was a different brand as it was purchased earlier this summer before I found out about Toogli Amber).

My son has been wearing his Toogli brand, raw multicolor amber necklace nonstop for about 3 weeks now. We only remove his amber for bathing, as soap or chlorine from a pool can damage the amber.  He still is in some teething pain, but nothing like before. He now sleeps peacefully through the night with about 2 short wakings for a quick 10 minute feed each. His drooling has almost completely stopped.  He does still put his hands in his mouth, as he is a thumb sucker, but the red faced screaming is not occurring. I love the way the necklace looks on him, so handsome. I also think it is unisex, so a girl could wear it as well.

Toogli Baltic amber is independently lab tested for quality and authenticity. It is a beautiful necklace. It came in a box ready for gift giving and inside the box was a black velvety material pouch with a certificate of authenticity. I was concerned that the amber would be randomly strung on the cord, but the colors were put on in a nice coordinated pattern. That is a nice touch, and we appreciate it as it would bother us if it was not symmetrical in the pattern.

We had purchased a matching mixed color raw anklet for him on Amazon from a different seller, the anklet was 5 1/2 inches in size and yet the seller did not bother to have the amber beads be in any order. There were some lemon amber in a row with 1 or 2 cognac, and then a milk and honey, etc. It was a random stringing and it bothers me greatly. It was less than 6 inches long, and the anklet pattern was not in any special order. I like this Toogli brand and hope they come out with other styles and lengths. I think they should have anklets available and necklaces for adults. I get migraines and would love to wear a matching necklace with my son.

I will need to add some more pictures of him wearing the necklace, this picture does not show the necklace well. 
Toogli offers a risk free guarantee with no-hassle, and 100% money back. It is a lifetime guarantee - if you ever decide you are not completely satisfied with your Toogli Baltic amber teething necklace, Toogli says they will refund your money immediately, no questions asked. They will even cover the shipping both ways. That's pretty amazing.

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This Amber Necklace is available on Amazon: Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

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