Sunday, May 22, 2016

Leather Cleaner & Restorer Review (Leather Nova)

I have a chalk white genuine leather diaper bag (Storksak Elizabeth) and keep it in pristine condition.  I am very particular with my diaper bags (yes I have several) as I do not use the typical ugly, cheap quality ones that you find at your local big box store.  I prefer using something that is quality made, spacious, and looks like a designer shoulder bag.  I do not store dirty diapers (we cloth diaper) in my bags, instead I use a plastic doggy potty pick up trash bag and then  put the bagged diaper in a PUL lined wet bag that zips up.  

I like to freshen up my leather bag every 3 months or so with a gentle wiping down and leather conditioning.  I was sent a leather conditioner (light conditioning cleanser) from Leather Nova, which is transitioning to Tri Nova Leather Care.  I was sent the previous labeling bottle, which is the Leather Nova.  I have been told it is the same formula, just with new branding in the company.  

The conditioner and restorer comes with a sponge applicator.  Although I have had my bag for a year now, it does not show any wear or dirt as I switch out my diaper bags depending on the outfit I am wearing (I like to coordinate) or the size of bag I will need for that day.  (I also will make my decision based on the weather.  I select my coated canvas Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel for rainy days  as I do not want my Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake (cut velvet and tweed) to get wet and I do not like taking my leather bag out on rainy weather either.)  I did not necessarily NEED to clean or condition my leather bag, but I figured I would since it had been a about 3 months since my last conditioning.  

I store my bags in cotton dust bags when not in use, and cover them when in a restaurant, so my bags have never had any staining or signs of wear.  But it is nice to condition my leather bag to prevent any cracks or dried areas.  It is similar to how it is important to use lotion on our skin.  :)

Here is some info from the company: 

● Provides safe and durable protection to new and old leather surfaces. 

● Adds a shine and suppleness to leather. 
● Monthly use prevents premature cracking and drying. 
● Leaves a rich leather fragrance after application. 
● Water, snow and rain repellent. 
● Non-Toxic. 

● Makes shoes/boots shiny and soft

● Gives leather jackets that extra protection they need. 
● Useful for small leather accessories such as bags, purses, wallets and belts. 
● Restores, conditions & protects all types of leather furniture. 
● Rejuvenates your leather car interiors and seats of your motorcycle. 
● Restores and protects sporting and equestrian goods. 
● 100% safe to use on exotic leathers too. 
● Not suitable for suede. 

The company suggests monthly use to maintain the leather's natural suppleness and restores a rich leather fragrance.   I find that I only need to do my bag every 3 months.  We do have a leather sectional couch and with 2 little ones (ages 5 and 2) it gets crawled on, laid on, and sat on daily. So it will need more frequent cleaning and condoning.   This conditioner leaves a non-greasy finish, you just need to wait about 30 minutes to an hour before sitting on the couch.

Please note you may want to test in an inconspicuous area before using any leather care product and that the use of the cleaners or conditioners may darken some leather items.  Do NOT use this product on Suede or Nubuck.

I like this conditioner (and that it is USA made!) and find it works well.  I hope to update with some pictures of my leather bag, but to be honest, my bag is never dirty and still looks and smells new.  I have used this conditioner on my bag once, but it does not look any different, it just feels a bit fresher and has a nice renewed leather scent. :)

*I was sent this for my honest review, I did not receive any compensation other than the complimentary tester bottle.

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