Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Coconut Oil Hair Mask, 8.8 fl. oz by First Botany Cosmeceuticals

I was able to try a conditioner hair mask from First Botany.  It is a coconut mask and arrives in an 8.8 oz jar.  I would have preferred this to have been in a bottle, preferably a pump top, as jars of conditioner and masks often get water in them when I use them in my shower.   It would be easier to use a pump as well.  Otherwise, this product works well for me.   I am highly fond of coconut oil and other skin and hair oils.  I love using natural products and cringe when I read a product label that has a bunch of long, chemical sounding names and numbers (dyes with a number next to them).  I read every label before deciding if it is safe for me and my family.  We do not use any bath, body or hair products that are chemical laden.

Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Rosehip seed oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Glycerin, Argan Oil, Glycine Betaine, Climbazole, Ginger Oil

The ingredients are easy to understand and are natural, the only ingredient I was unsure about (never heard of previously) was Climbazole, which is apparently a topical anti-fungal that has shown to be beneficial in treating and preventing dandruff and skin disorders such as eczema. I am assuming that it is chemical based which is unfortunate.  I would have preferred Tea Tree or Manuka to have be substituted instead as they are natural and very effective.  I had heard of Glycine Betaine, but was unsure about it as well and found out if is a plant derived amino acid that is added to products as a humectant and makes hair silky and shiny.

As ingredients go, this conditioner is still quite natural and nourishing despite the use of Climbazole. The conditioner has a good "slip" and softens my hair nicely. I did not have any irritation to this conditioner and my hair was not heavy or oily in appearance, despite the fact that I am sulfate free and only wash my hair twice a week.

I was sent this mask complimentary for my evaluation, no other compensation was provided, other than the sample.  It works fine for me, and I use it once a week.  You can use it daily if you like, however since it is only 8 ounces, it will get used up fast.  I use Indigo and Henna on my hair and do have some Indigo run when I use this.  I have yet to find a natural shampoo or Conditioner that does not cause Indigo dye run.  Every product I have tried does this, despite the fact that I follow all the directions with my henndigo.  I generally find myself doing my henndigo every 3 weeks to maintain a nice deep shade of my natural color.  (I have a few premature grey strands as embarrassing as it is).  I am guessing Indigo does not grab to my hair as well as it does with some individuals.

I recommend this mask and it works for me.

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