Sunday, May 8, 2016

Beardeur Premium Beard Oil for Men Review

Oils contribute to healthy skin and hair. I have been oil cleansing my face for a few years now and notice softer, smoother, and less blemishes on my skin. My face does not get that shine that I used to in the late afternoon. I use oils in my body creams and my hair. My husband has been using oils in his hair to improve the growth in his thinned areas. He has worn a beard for most of the years I have known him, and occasionally oils his beard for added softness and manageability. We were sent a bottle of beard oil from Beardeur for review.

This arrived in an amber glass bottle and comes with a glass dropper for easy and precise dispensing.  The ingredients are simple, yet effective: organic argan oil, jojoba oil, chamomile oil, aloe vera oil, and vitamin E oil.  

Both my husband and I like this oil.  It works well to soften his naturally curly beard hair, as well as acts as a convenient mix for me to use when removing eye makeup or oil cleansing my face.  It does not contain any fragrances which is nice since it is used on the face, and makes it unisex.  He has some other beard oil that has a Cedarwood oil in it, and although he likes the scent, it definitely is not a scent I am fond of for my own facial oil cleansing.  (Which I guess keeps me out of using his oil and leaves more for him.) :)

The oil is available on Amazon and is reasonably priced.  I would not recommend using this daily for removing your makeup as the bottle will quickly be used up for that purpose.  I suggest borrowing this for when you are out of your own mix of oils and need a quick solution for makeup removal.  I purchase my oils in bulk sizes and mix my own facial oil.  For those who only use oils for their beard, mustache and brows, this is a great product as it saves you from buying larger sizes.  If you use oils daily on your scalp, hair, body, and face as well, you might want to buy the oils separately and mix as desired.  This is a 2 oz bottle.  

I recommend this oil for beards and facial hair.  It is a nice quality and I like the glass amber with dropper.  

You can find out more about this product and other items from Beardeur by visiting their website and Facebook.

*I received a complimentary sample bottle for review, and no other compensation was provided.

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