Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yalmeh 12pc Professional Makeup Brush set with Rose case: Reviewed

The Holidays are upon us and if you are like me, you are hoping to get something makeup or beauty oriented this year (or I will a new purse, lol). I had the opportunity to review a 12 piece makeup set from Yalmeh Beauty

This brush set is gorgeous. I must admit the roses have me smitten.  I am fond of items that remind me of a vintage vanity and this reminds me of a 50's or 60's makeup bag. *LOVE* The material is a vinyl and very easily wiped down with a Clorox disinfectant wipe or baby wipe.  I go crazy over things with roses on them and of course it makes it even better that it is pink!

The stitching and edges of the case are neatly done. I think the flap on the inside is a fantastic feature as it keeps powder from getting on to other things in your bag or suitcase. (When this is taken for travel). The size is nice, and very portable. I like having magnetic snaps for the closure. My snaps were a bit raised and loose, and so I worry about the longevity of my closure. This does limit me on how often I open and close it, so I generally keep the snaps undone as mine seemed to pull from the vinyl.

The brush handles are smooth and feel nice in my hands. I like how they are white as that looks classy to me. I use most all of the brushes except for the sponge tip applicator and the fan brush. The bristles are very soft and I have only experienced 1 hair shed. I have washed these twice and they have held up well. It is recommended of course to wash these before use, not only for health reasons, but also as they are coated with an antibacterial coating that the company says can have a strong smell upon arrival. I noticed only a faint smell when these were first opened, but after washing them lightly, there is nothing left behind.

I found the largest brush a bit too floppy for buffing in mineral foundation the way I normally do, so I used it more for applying setting powder or a mineral veil after my face was complete. I also used it for brushing away eyeshadow fallout on my cheeks. The angled blusher brush works well, but is slightly and the smaller head size than I normally use. It still worked well and I used that brush a lot. I liked the stiff bristled brush a lot as well, and used that for applying BB Cream and mineral liquid foundation when I was not using my wet Beauty Blender sponge. The small brush with the silver lid covering worked well for my lip color application. I was able to use the various eyeshadow and liner brushes with ease. The spoolie brush is like most I have used before, but works well and it is something I use frequently for my eyebrows and lashes. I was able to use the angled liner or eyebrow brush and it worked well for using eyeshadow as brow filler or as liner.


I wet the brush bristles with cool or warm water. I use Castile soap and place a small-sized drop in my hand (on my 4 fingers together) or on the bristles. I then foam up the cleanser gently using the brush as if I were using the brush to apply makeup on my 4 fingers. I then rinse the bristles until the water runs clear and all makeup is removed from the brush. Be careful not to use hot water as this may loosen the adhesive that the bristles are attached with. I then gently squeeze out excess water & lay the brush down on clean paper towels and allow them to dry overnight.

This is a great set that I use almost daily.  I hope to see more Yalmeh products/brushes in this rose floral pattern so that I can have an entire set. Zippered rose floral makeup pouches would be nice in a set of three (various sizes). I am not sure if the company already makes these, but it would have been neat to have a generic Beauty Blender sponge included in the kit so that users could have a spare for travel.

*sample sent for review*

You can purchase this set on Amazon: YALMEH 12 piece Professional Makeup Brush Set

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