Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nancy Drew Labryinth of Lies: PC game: Reviewed

I have never been considered a "gamer" or a fan of jumping (Mario type) or fighting games.  I am terrible at them and just never found the love.  We never could afford any of the game systems when we grew up so I never got the practice.  When I was in high school we had be given an old computer (the kind with a large bulky monitor screen) it did not have internet but it could play pc games.  I saved up my money and selected "Message in a Haunted Mansion" at the local computer store which I totally chose based on the cover and name of the mystery. :)  I have not played all 31 Nancy Drew games, but hope to get back in the grove when I have the time.  Before my 2 little ones arrived, I had more time to spend getting caught in the game and would spend hours into the night enjoying my Nancy Drew games.

Here are the ones I have completed over the years:  
(These were not completed in any particular order)

Message in a Haunted Mansion
Treasure in the Royal Tower
The Final Scene
The Curse of Blackmoor Manor
Danger by Design
Resorting to Danger

In middle school and high school I enjoyed reading the Nancy Drew paperback books.  They always had great suspense and I could visualize the scenes in my head as they were written very well and descriptively.

This game and other Nancy Drew games has beautiful imagery and scenes.  The characters are always fun and unique, each with a bit of mystery to them.  There are times throughout the game when you suspect several people as the villains or culprits.  I have always enjoyed the games and puzzles scattered throughout the mystery.  Some of the games are useful in the story, and some are added for a bonus fun activity to give a rest from sleuthing.  I am often stuck on some of the puzzles and sometimes I have had to consult the online forum on Her Interactive.  It is a fantastic source if you are stuck in the game.  The games  allow you erase mistakes if you need to.  I also like how the games can be played in 2 different skill levels, "Amateur" or "Master Sleuth" difficulty modes.  The Amateur mode has easier puzzles, but they are still quite challenging in my opinion.  There are more hints and a detailed task list to keep you on track with what should be done next.  Master Sleuth is of course much more difficult and does not have hints.  There is a task list but often it is more vague and basic.  I must admit that I often select amateur. :)

I enjoyed the Labyrinth of Lies, which is the 31st of the Nancy Drew Games.  It incorporates Greek Mythology and has gorgeous scenery and great characters.  I will not reveal anything that cannot be found on the outside of the box, so as to let you find out for yourself.  Basically it is similar to the others in that you (Nancy) must help a someone (in this case, a Greek museum curator) find out what is happening to the artifacts and employees that are turning up missing.  I find myself getting lost in these games and often feel I am actually experiencing the danger and suspense.  I often will become apprehensive of going into a certain room or area for fear of someone finding me snooping. :) This game, and all in this series is pure fun and definitely able to be enjoyed at different age levels.

You can learn more about Nancy and her adventures at the Her Interactive website.  You can also connect with her, find out about her newest cases, and like the Her Interactive company on Facebook and Twitter.  This pc game was enjoyed and sent to me as a sample in exchange for an honest review. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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