Thursday, November 13, 2014

Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap: Reviewed

I breastfed my first child (who is now almost 4) for about 18 months, using a nursing cover in the apron style from the Bebe au Lait company.  I still have that cover, loved it, and use it occasionally for my second baby. The problem with that cover and other similar covers is that it is worn looped over your head (with a stiff wired neckline for checking in on your baby while they feed) and if you are sitting down in a booth or chair at a restaurant or somewhere and someone walks by from behind or beside (as you are on a lower level than them), they might be able to unintentionally see what going on.  Another problem is when your baby starts getting into the grabbing and wiggling stage (like my almost 7 month old is now) the side of the nursing cover might not stay in place. Also, it is not the easiest to fold up due to the wire like stiff part, so I do not put it in my diaper bag. It is a nice cover, I just have actually found something I like better.

I had the opportunity to try a different type of nursing cover, called the Boho Mama Breastfeeding Nursing Cover, it is quite different and is much more functional and versatile.   First off, it does not look like a nursing cover, it looks like a nice quality, organic cotton shawl or scarf.  I actually wore it as a dressy shawl with my dress as a guest at a friend's wedding. 

This was actually worn straight out of the packaging, as the wedding was the next day and we were leaving to travel to the wedding the day this arrived in the mail.  I did not notice any strong smells and it was not stiff or itchy as some unwashed clothing items are treated with stiffeners or chemicals before worn.  I hung it up the night before the wedding and wore it the next day for several hours.  Since I had my baby with me, I wanted to use this cover because I could wear it the entire wedding and reception, and use the cover to nurse when needed.  It was perfect, and no one knew it was a nursing cover, it just looked like I was using my shawl to cover while feeding.  At the wedding I wore it draped over my arms when walking around, (my husband carried our baby during those times), then when I was sitting down and holding my baby, I wore it in the way it is supposed to be worn.

It has little snaps on it to further secure the wrap when worn.  To open the snaps, insert your thumb nail between the 2 snap area and pull gently so as not to cause the snaps to forcefully pull away from the material and rip the wrap. While at the wedding it was draped sideways, almost like a cape, with the snaps closed for nursing, near the shoulder, so that it was already in the position for baby when he needed to nurse. 

It was very comfortable.  It looked nice it pictures, except I had trouble covering up the logo tag, as the tag for some reason kept showing when wearing it as a shawl.  I would have preferred the tag to have been grey to blend into the shawl, instead of being a rather large white square tag.  It is seen in one of the pictures my husband took.  That was really my only complaint about this wrap.

I like how it lays flat when folded, so I can keep it in my bag or purse.  It is basically a multi-purpose scarf, which can be worn in at least 12 different ways, whether you are pregnant, nursing baby, or just want to use it as a clothing accessory when baby is not around, you will look stylish.  It is made from organic bamboo modal with slight spandex stretch for super luxurious softness, yet has a beautiful drape on the body when worn. This cover is a lightweight material and breathable, which allows you and baby to stay cool.  I have not tried it in the heat of summer, but I am confident that this will stay cool.

The Boho Mama Nursing Cover is from Easy Mom and Baby, and what I really like about it best is that it provides complete coverage when I am nursing.  This does not gape at the sides (or show a view from above like my other cover), and it has snaps that keep it closed. I love the soft grey color, it looks classy.

This scarf/wrap/cover is so functional and it can even be used to cover the baby carseat when transporting the carseat to another location while baby is resting or needs to be protected from heat or sunlight.

Need ideas on how to use and wear this amazing wrap? Click this link to download the user guide.  It is very helpful as it has pictures and tell you how to create the look.

Easy to use and wear it so many ways!

The Easy Mom and Baby company is dedicated to being a source for support and information on parenting and being a mommy.  They have an ebook and online motherhood support community as well.  The ladies that lead this are wonderful, and the company offers a money back guarantee, but I am sure you will love this wrap and won't have any problems.

This wrap can be found on Amazon: Boho Mama Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

I received this wrap complimentary for my honest evaluation. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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