Monday, November 3, 2014

LINKON Power Stick 3000mAh External Battery Charger: Reviewed

A few weeks back I reviewed a power bank charger and it was a positive experience. I had always wanted to try one, and am always needing to charge my phone in the most inconvenient times. We do not have a land line phone, and both my husband and I have "old" phones (Samsung Galaxy S3) so they do not hold their charge as well as they used to. I also seem to have a lot of apps running on my phone which also sucks up a lot of battery. My phone is a teething / crying baby calmer (ocean sounds, water sounds, shushing sounds) a portable camera, a mini internet browsing source, a time waster, and lastly a phone for communicating (hmm imagine that). It gets a lot of use and if it is dead, my husband cannot contact me (or vice versa) and all those other uses are unable to work.

The previous charger / power bank was great, but I was contacted by another company (Linkon) telling me how I would be amazed and how much better their charger was. I have a lot of companies often offer me similar products to review and always every company feels their own product is the best. I looked the charger over, selected a color and agreed to do a review. Both this charger and the previous one are 3000mAh and both are just under $25 currently on Amazon.

What I did not expect was to be thoroughly enamored with little charger.  I was actually contacted by the person who founded this product. He told me that his charger was better.  He totally was right.

This charger is the best I have tried (of the 2). Let me tell you why.

First off, this comes in several very nice colors (the other brand also came in nice colors: white, silver, and fuchsia).  I usually see silver or black for most brands, and those colors are fine, but I like bright colors.  This charger will be attached to my cell phone and carried around in my purse and pocket so I want it to look extra special and nice.  The colors available are lime green, aqua blue, silver, and fuchsia pink. I love pink items, but the bright green was too pretty to pass up. I had crossed my fingers in hopes that it truly was as lime / bright, almost neon green as it was in the stock pictures (it was and the color was perfect for me).

This arrived well packaged in a sturdy box and came with a small grey velveteen carry pouch where you can put your little charger in when not in use. I like this bonus pouch because I am super strict about what I put in my purse (never have I put a pen, pencil, loose lipstick or any lotion in my bag for fear of getting my bag messy or marked (I love my purses and take supreme care of them). I do not have to worry about this charger scuffing something (I always have a vintage Stratton mirrored makeup compact in my purse) or something scuffing this charger, and I can keep this safe in its cute little pouch. I am also fond of grey, and so the pouch is a nice bonus.

The main reason I like this charger better is the digital LED display (near the small power button) on the end which shows exactly what percentage of charge is left on the charger. I love watching it transfer power juice to my phone (or other devices).  This worked on an Ipad 2 just fine.  Another nice feature is that the charger will automatically turn off after 30 seconds when not connected. I do not need to worry about accidentally discharging the battery.

The size of this is 3.5 inches and it easily fits in a pocket, purse, glove box, or car cup holder, etc. The charger is square shaped and won't roll off of a table onto the floor. It is comfortable and sturdy in my hand. There is a white charging cable included with 3 types of tips: micro USB, Apple 30 pin / lightning. These work fine for me, and I like the classy white color, I just normally use the black usb charger cord that came with our cell phones when at home (as that one is already plugged in). One end of the charger has two ports: a micro USB port and a full size USB port.

The product mentions it has a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked if you are not happy or have a defective unit, plus they provide a 12 month warranty.

I like this charger and hope it lasts me a long time. Since receiving this charger, I have only been using this one as the digital display is what makes it so much more usable. If the other brand had a digital display I would use it.  It is nice not having to guess how much is left on the charger.

**As mentioned, this was sent to me as a courtesy in exchange for an honest review.**

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