Monday, November 24, 2014

Backseat Organizer by Cozy Greens: Reviewed

Traveling with a baby and a 3 1/2 year old gets messy and cluttered. I am not just talking about traveling on trips, I am talking about just getting out of the house and going to the grocery store or doctors office. My daughter who will be 4 this February always has to have her sippy cup full of water or a bottled water. I am super blessed to have a child that has only ever experienced milk or water. She will have her days of ice teas, juices, and even sugary sodas too soon either at a family member's home, school or church function. I am keeping that as far away as possible and am happy she loves water so much. She also likes to bring her favorite stuffed friend at the moment, and a snack. Within 30 minutes of finishing her first snack, it is inevitable she will ask for another one, making it seem she has not been fed all day. :)  A few hours of errands can potentially call for a lot of extra items.  

She is potty trained of course, but accidents do happen sometimes she I like to keep 1-2 full outfits in the car along with 2 pairs of thick potty pants. We also keep a stash of hand wipes, extra snacks, books, toys, and activity items. My son who is 7 months needs a whole lot more. Besides carrying a large diaper bag purse with all his essentials, I like to keep at least 2 clean outfits for him, some extra diapers (we use cloth which is lovely, but bulky to store in the car) breastfeeding cover, toys, blanket, and many essentials. The small suv is frequently cluttered which drives my very ocd husband wacky. :) He never will understand the need for the extras that trust me are necessary. He often forgets the time when our daughter was only 18 months and had a bad diaper problem at a restaurant an hour and a half away from home, then was changed and then within 10 minutes got REALLY sick over her clean and fresh outfit, and did not have a third outfit in the car. It was about 20 degress out and we had a naked baby (only a clean cloth diaper) and had to wrap her in a blanket to take her into a department store to purchase a cheap, but warm outfit for the ride home. From that night on, I always carry 2-3 extra sets of clothing for each child, and plenty of diapers, potty pants, snacks, and toys just in case.

I had the opportunity to review a back seat organizer from the Cozy Greens Company.  They currently have their organizer on Amazon and I was excited to check it out.   Upon arrival, I did notice that one of the 2 organizers had a large rip near the seam of a pocket.  I contacted the company and they sent a replacement right away that arrived about a week later.  I was impressed with the service.  They did request a few pictures of the flaw/rip so that they could follow up with their supplier/manufacturer.  That lets me the consumer know that they are dedicated about quality control and improving.  I do want to note that the first day or two, the organizers did have a plastic smell and so I aired them out in the laundry room for the weekend.  After that, they had no smell.

The organizer is quite large and covers the entire back of the seats.  We were sent 2 of these so I have put one on both the driver and passenger seats.  My daughter has several easy to reach snacks, books, small toys, hand wipes and trinkets ready within her reach.  This makes it easier when we are on the interstate or in traffic and we cannot stop to find something to keep her happy when she is bored or hungry.  She is able to take things out while in her carseat.  For things that she cannot reach, I can reach behind the seat (when my husband is driving) and get something for her.

On the passenger seat, we have stored a variety of items for our baby.  We are able to put 2 onesies, some socks, 2 thick one size cloth diapers, a small first aid kit, wipes, baby toys, nursing cover, and many more items.  I like how this easily attaches to the backseat.  I love the black and turquoise colors and the cute tree logo.  I do want to mention that the material (almost like a backpack material) is a bit thinner than I would like, but so far is holding up after about a month of use.  The replacement organizer did not have any stitching issues or rips.

This has many pockets and compartments for keeping various items close at hand.  The bottom pouch removes to store smaller items such as emergency cash, library cards, or for coupons.  It is helpful to have designated areas for items and it teaches kids to assist with putting their toys back when they are done. This is a great product to get if you need some extra organization for essentials for kids or even yourself.  Whether it be a day out with the family or a weekend getaway, you need something to assist with keeping the car tidy and organized.

You can learn more about Cozy Greens on their website or by checking out their organizer on Amazon.  As with all products I test, not everyone will have my experience.

*samples provided for review*

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