Monday, November 10, 2014

Petunia Skincare Revitalizing Eye Serum: Reviewed

I have tried various eye creams, gels, and serums in the past year, trying to find the perfect solution to my dark under eye circles.  My eyelids are quite pale and I never go out of the house without an eyelid primer and eyeshadow due to some light blue veins showing through.  I usually apply my eyelid primer under my eyes as well, then follow up with a peach toned or salmon toned under eye concealer to try to counteract the blue grey of the under eye circles.  

Dark circles, puffy eyes, and blood shot eyes are problems I had have for years.  I never give myself enough sleep as I am an insomniac, worrier,  and busy mommy to 2 little ones.  I am trying  another product from the Petunia Skincare brand, their Revitalize Eye Serum.  It comes in an airless pump like most of the other products I have tried, and is 0.51 oz.  The serum is an orange toned gel with a slight cooling when first applied.  I did notice that it does have a slight tingling or stinging for the first minute, but it is not terrible.  The fragrance is light and reminds me of a fresh Witch Hazel scent.  

I do think that this gel provides a temporary tightening effect when worn, and that it does seem to smooth my eye area a bit.  I like that it has Sea Kelp in it, which is something more eye and face products are using.  The Caffeine in this gel seems to make my eyes feel a little more open and the skin more taught.  It contains Vitamin C, Matryixl 3000, and Hyaluronic Acid which are ingredients that are in my other skin products, and it is nice to have a product that contains all of them together as I have used them separately.    

I would imagine this would work well for the entire face.  I have been using this serum around my eyes, my forehead and in between my eyebrows, however I would like to see an improvement in my smile creases as well.  I think that I will try this on other areas of my face.  

I find that this gel is easier to apply than if it were a cream.  Creams can often be too thick.  Since I am applying to my thin delicate eyelids and eye area, I am happy that there is no tugging or massaging involved.  I absorbs almost immediately.  It is smooth in application and I like how it does not peel or flake like some other eye serums I have tried.  Some of my other serums are only able to be worn at night (in my experience) due to the fact that when I apply them and then try to put eyeshadow on top of the serum, the serum peels and makes my eyeshadow look messy.  

The product states that visual improvements in skin appearance can be seen in 6 short weeks (according to some trials they did with users).  I would agree that this has the needed ingredients to tone, hydrate, nourish, tightened and protect after extensive use.  I have only tested this particular serum for a little less than 2 weeks and so my results are mainly instant, but temporary results, such as some tightening and skin hydration.  As with most anti-aging and skin care products, this will need to be used consistantly and over time in order to see drastic and more lasting results.

**This was sent to me as a sample, in exchange for an honest review.  Not everyone will have my individual results or experience.**

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