Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hyperbiotics PRO-Kids Probiotic Pearls: Reviewed

 My daughter will be 4 in just a few short months, and lately in the last few month she has had some dragon breath.  It is funny to say, but she has had some not so fresh breath despite brushing 1-2 times per day and only drinking milk and water.  She eats pretty healthy for a little kid.  This past Halloween was her first time having a piece of candy at the church trunk and treat.  I let her have some Smarties and a Twizzler.  She thought she was big stuff. :) She enjoys vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods, but for some reason her tummy must be causing an unpleasant breath.  I figured that since I have been taking probiotics for so long and have found great results with they way I feel, that she might benefit.  I had been giving her a lot of plain, unsweetened yogurt and a few times had given her a probiotic yogurt smoothie drink.  When I came across an opportunity to review a children's probiotic from a company that I personally use for my own needs, I was quite excited.

The brand of probiotic is Hyperbiotics and I have tried several formulations of their probiotics.  What I like about this company is that they tailor the probiotic to suit the individualized needs of the user.  I am currently taking one specifically for women as it has a few extra goodies that help our individualized needs.  The bottle has a green flip top lid that I have come to love, and recognize with this brand.  Inside are 60 pale yellow, time re-lease micro-pearls that deliver just the right amount of good bacteria for little tummys.  PRO-Kids pearls are most effective when swallowed rather than chewed, however, my daughter chews these for now.  I think I will try hiding a pearl in food and perhaps they will be swallowed in a small bite.  These can even crushed and then mixed with cold foods (you should not mix with hot foods as this destroys the good bacteria strains potency).  These should be stored in a cool, dry place or the fridge.  She looks forward to this "yellow pill" as it has a faint citrus flavor.  PRO-Kids is sugar free (sweetened with stevia) and has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.  I am not a fan of the flavor of this flavor as stevia is not something I like the taste of, however she likes this a lot.  It is not a terrible taste, I would suggest swallowing it whole if you can.  It does tend to get in the craters of my bottom teeth the 2 times I have tested this myself.  Luckily she brushes her teeth right after her lunch most days and this is taken right before her brushing.  I like the benefits she is getting from this pearl and this is a company I trust.  I like how this has both prebiotics and probiotics.  This brand is said to have 15 times more results and effectiveness than others.  

Taking a good quality prebiotic and probiotic assists with a healthy immune system and helps prevent stomach bugs and irritable tummys.  She has only been using this once a day for about a month, but is does say that up to 3 a day can be taken.  I think this is helping her and her breath is not as bad.  I might up her daily amount to 2 pearls each day.  

I recommend this brand wholeheartedly.  Check out their website for other formulations.   I am currently trying the dental mint probiotic and the women's probiotic that has cranberry added.   You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

I received one bottle free for review purposes. This is my honest opinion. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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