Friday, November 28, 2014

Dot & Dot Shoe Bag Packing Cubes: Reviewed

I like to try to keep things as tidy as possible when I go on a trip, even if it is just for a weekend.  I have found that using a packing cube or set of cubes really help with organization and space.  I like to pack one medium to large suitcase and use packing cubes to separate my clothes from 2 small children.  I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 7 months old baby.  Packing the 3 of us in one rolling suitcase makes things easier to carry, but also makes it so that when we get to the hotel or destination that I can be getting the children settled in, and only need to tell my husband to get the one suitcase out (along with his small one).  We know exactly where a footed sleeper or my makeup bag would be as they are all together.

I have a couple different sizes of packing cubes.  I usually have a small cube for the baby as his items are tiny and do not need much room.  I use a medium one for all his cloth pocket diapers, and a separate medium one (in a different color) for my 3 1/2 year old daughter.  For me, a large seems to do well since I wear a lot of jeans and sweaters and always seem to over pack on clothing due to my fear of the baby spitting up on me and me being caught without a spare shirt. :)

I usually wear one pair of shoes (athletic ones to travel to be comfortable) and then pack a pair of semi-dressy flats.  I used to use a plastic, retail store clothing bag (usually a nicer one from Gap or similar that has a draw string) to store a pair of my shoes in my suitcase.  It is not the neatest or classiest way to take my shoes but it has worked for me for a few years.  The problem with this is that I do not always have a nice bag for taking my shoes and I am completely against using a grocery bag for fear of the ink transferring of into clothes if the bag gets a tad damp.  (Also grocery sacks just are plain ugly).  

I was happy to be able to review a packing cube from Dot & Dot that is specifically meant for storing shoes as you travel.  It is  a rectangular cube with the dimensions of 13.75" x 7" x 4.5" and looks much nicer. 
Mine is pink (of course!) and it is a sturdy material with a honeycomb texture on it.  The back zips around and contains a somewhat see through, window over the front / top portion.  It is dirt and water-resistant and has a unique
internal fabric lining (black) that protects your shoes from rubbing against each other during travel.  This is also a nice feature as my shoes are rather flat and so I can actually get 2 pairs into my shoe bag and use the flap to separate them.   It has a small circular vent that keeps the shoes fresh and gradually airs them out.  I like that it has a top handle for grabbing and sturdy zippers.  I want to mention that it does not zip all the way open and I am not sure if that is beneficial or not.  I might have preferred it to open all the way but it is not a big deal.  
The pink color is quite nice, and I would describe it as a coral pink shade.  The size of this is nice and I think that this would also work well for other uses if you do not use it for shoes.  We often use packing cubes for organizing out SUV.  If you have small children, you know how you always need extra sets of clothing just in case.  Having a few of these of various colors (each child have their own color) can make it easy to find items quickly, yet not take up a lot of space.  The long slender shape of these make them very useful for sliding into a suitcase or the backseat.  I can see these being used for a small toy or activity bag for car trips.  The zipper and material of the bag is very sturdy.  I like this shoe bag, I can fit 2 pairs of shoes in it and it protects my clothing from getting dirt marks. 
For more information on this shoe bag or to learn more about the other products available from the Dot & Dot company, you can find them on Amazon as well as their website.  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Pinterest.

*Please note that I was sent one shoe cube for my review at no cost to me, however all opinions are my own.* 

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