Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sound Intone Foldable HD850 Headphones Kids or Adults Review

I was recently sent some headphones for review. I am not fond of the ear buds / in ear phones as they are frequently uncomfortable, cheaply made and get lost easily. I never can put them into my ears in such a way that they feel normal. I love using the padded, over the ear headphones. I realize the in ear ones are popular with those individuals who are mobile with their music and work out at the gym or go running, but since I am mainly a homebody with my 2 small children (soon to be 3) I prefer something more comfortable and do not find padded headphones bulky for my particular usage.

I received headphones from Sound Intone.  The model I have is HD850 and they are said to be perfect for children and adults.  I selected the "light blue" which in person is a lovely mint hued blue green, similar to an aqua and almost leaning towards Tiffany style blue.  The headphones are lightweight and nicely padded, with an adjustable headband.  I am able to pack these easily and have decided to take them along with me to the hospital next month for my cesarian as I will be there 4 days and may have some down time.  These are attractive headphones and priced well as under $20.  You need to keep in mind that these will not be comparable to $60-100 headphones, but these will be suitable for travel and basic home usage for those who want something affordable, trendy and easy to replace if they get lost or broken.  The cable is braided fabric and seems like it will be durable with frequent bending and pulling (in cases where a child is using this or those who are not so careful with their storage of cords).  These come in 10+ color choices (the listing says 12 color choices, but Amazon currently shows 10 available).  

These have a sharing feature where you can plug your headphones into the sharing port, and another individual can listen to music with you.  There is a 3.5 AUX output where you can connect another headphone, such as traveling with children and they are watching a movie on a tablet.  You would need two pairs of headphones, and connect one to the tablet and one to the headphones so they can share the sound.  I have to tried this feature as my 2 are age 5 and 2, and neither have been introduced to tablets yet (we like them playing with toys and are not excited to rush into tablets where they would be sucked into looking down at an electronic device.)  We have a dvd player in the van and so any movie on the screen is just watched without headphones.  This sharing feature is nice and I can see how it would be popular and useful.  

The headphones have a built-in microphone and remote control button designed to allow the user to answer and end calls.  This is another feature I do not use, but it is a nice option.  The headphones work well for my simple usage, and have held up in the short month i have tested them.  For the price I would recommend them.

I received these complimentary for review and no other compensation was provided.

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