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Mellanni Goose Down Alternative Comforter Review (Queen size)

It is slowly easing into Spring here, and although we are thankfully out of the extremely bitter wintery nights, we still have the occasional cold evening that is chillier than we would like in our poorly insulated, drafty 100 year old home.  I enjoy having a sheet (cotton) and some sort of comforter on the bead, so that I have the option of using both or just the sheet when needed.  I also seem to sleep better with a bit of a weighted feel that a comforter or thick blanket provides.  I was recently sent a Down Alternative Comforter  from Mellanni.  They are a bedding and linen company that sells on Amazon.

The bedding has a similar appearance to what you might see in a down comforter, however this is made with synthetic material and not fluff from feathers.   I like real down feather comforters as I find them fluffier, and lighter in weight, almost airy over a regular comforter.  However, I figured I would try an alternative one as they are said to be easier to clean and with 2 young children in the home (one being our 2 year old who often likes to crawl into bed with us), and another new baby on the way, I figure this will get lots of extra washing.

Down Alternative comforters are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.  While I love using down myself, and have no issues with using it, some people may be allergic.  Down alternatives are safe for allergy sufferers.  They are also easier to wash as they can be put in a washing machine and more resilient to water.  The size I received for evaluation was a Full / Queen size.  We have a Queen Pillow Top Tempurpedic that is a bit raised, so this did not come as far down to the edges as I would have liked.  I am thinking we need a King size for a better fit.  We do have a bed skirt on our bed, so it helped the appearance of the comforter to not be so drastic in its reduced length.  Our bed skirt is not real fancy, it is just a solid, simple black.

This comforter is white and stitched in a box pattern.  It is comfortable and I did not see any loose threads or stitching flaws.  I did notice that the comforter had a few small marks (small staining) on it out of the package.   I would recommend washing it separately in the machine (cold) with a gentle soap (we use Nellies Natural Laundry Soda or a similar powder) and airing to dry or on low tumble heat.  

This would be a nice budget priced comforter for a duvet insert, as it would stay cleaner and that way you can use a duvet in the color and style that suits your liking.  I would not say it is the most luxurious comforter I have tried as generally you pay more for higher quality, but this is still a great comforter in this price range.  This is available from Mellanni in Twin, Twin XL, Full / Queen, and King / California King. 

Melanin offers a fantastic "lifetime guarantee" on their products:

If you are unsatisfied with their products, you only need to email the company and you are eligible to receive a 100% money-back refund, with absolutely no questions asked (according to them, you don't even have to return the set).  I am happy knowing that they stand behind their products.  It is important to be able to trust a company to treat you fairly.

We have been testing this comforter out for a few weeks and there have not been any issues.  It is not summer here, so I am not sure how well this will work for us in the 70-90 degree weather that will arrive next month and later into the next few months (as mentioned our home does not have much insulation, and so summers are hot and winters are icy here in this old house) but for now, with weather being 35-60 degrees at night, this suits our needs.  I honestly do prefer real down, as I have used down comforters most of my life and have found them to be comfortable all year round (breathable), as well as fluffier.  I also have the opinion that true down is more durable and will last longer than synthetic.  However the price point will go up drastically with the real thing.  

But this Down Alternative comforter is a great option for those who are allergic to down, need something that is easy to wash, and also something cost effective.   This is currently just under $40 with free Prime shipping on Amazon.  I found the material to be soft and it is a great option for those seeking this type of comforter.

You can learn more from their website.

This was sent to me for honest evaluation (complimentary) and no other compensation was provided.

These pictures are of the comforter straight out of the bag, so it is wrinkled as shown.  

This picture shows the thickness of the comforter.  

When washed and gently pulled a bit when making the bed, the comforter straightens fairly well.

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