Thursday, April 14, 2016

Small Home storage solutions, and using Storage Basket Bins / Foldable Fabric Storage Boxes (B&C Home Goods Review)

Our home is about 1700 square feet, 100 years old and with very little storage space. Although it is said to have 4 bedrooms, only 2 of the 4 have closets (due to the time period of when this was built). Two bedrooms are downstairs and 2 are upstairs, however we have not been using the upstairs portion of our home for the last 2 years due to problems with our roof and needing diy renovations. We have put those projects on the back burner as finances and free time have been difficult. Sadly this home has been a money pit from the start and nearly everything that could go wrong with a home has occurred, and then everything thing big that could happen with an old home, occurs regularly. We have higher than normal utility bills and still freeze in the winter and melt in the summer. Things here have been challenging as we have not yet gotten a proper bedroom for our 2 year old and I am currently in my third trimester with a new baby. We need storage solutions that are space saving and cheap. I was recently offered a set of 6 storage bins from B&C Home Goods and Kitchen Classique on Amazon.

These are foldable, lightweight storage cubes that can hold lightweight toys, books, magazines, or clothing (or other somewhat light items).   I think these would also be great for organizing the back of your car or vehicle (grocery bags or travel activities and toys for long car rides).  We currently use these to hold our 2 year old's clothing. We were able to put these on the side and stack them.  I first tried these with the bottoms flat in a traditional box / bin but as you can see the clothing would easily get unfolded and messy.  Stacking these on the side and using as make shift shelving worked best for our needs.  I have shown in the picture how we used 3 of these as shelves,  but I eventually added the last 3 on top of these for more storage.  I have yet to get a picture of the new set up.  They do buckle at the sides slightly where they fold (as it seems these are merely cardboard under the canvas material), however, these still work pretty well.  We do not have a dresser for him as he is actually sharing part of our bedroom (a bit stressful and cramped as you can imagine), so these are definitely helpful for organizing his clothing.  

These are a cream color and may get soiled or stained easily, but as we are just using them for clothing, I do not think that these will get very dirty from our particular usage.  It is recommended to wipe clean with a damp cloth when soil occurs.  These have handles and easily fold down when not in use.  Each cube measures 11 inches x 10.5 inches x 10.5 inches.

I have only been testing these out for about 3 weeks, so I cannot comment as to how long they will last, but they are priced just under $20 and are a temporary solution for storage or for very light, gentle usage.  If you are careful with them and do not over fill, they should last you a while.  

As mentioned, these were sent to me for honest evaluation, and I did not receive any compensation other than the complimentary tester set.  These work well for those on a tight budget and short on space.  I would prefer to have a dresser for my toddler, but as our "Master" bedroom (I use this term loosely as it really is the size of a small regular bedroom)  is already cramped, with his mini crib, his changing area, our queen bed, a small vanity table, and 2 small night stands, we need a solution for storage that is easy to transport and adjust for when our newest arrival enters the room (Lord help us, 2 little ones and 2 adults in a small space.)  These are lightweight bins, and we can move them around quickly when needed.  

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