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Belloccio Fair Shade Airbrush Makeup Foundation Set (Review)

I love makeup and have tried many forms (and brands) of foundation whether it be powder, cream, mineral, liquid, etc. One type I have always been curious about, but have never took the plunge is airbrushing. It overwhelmed me, both in how you apply it and of course the price. I think I was mainly having concerns about spraying it on my face and envisioning having a cloud of messy beige color staining all over my walls and in my hair. I still was curious, and as one who secretly is fond of watching infomercials late at night when I am having bouts of my insomnia, I had seen some convincing airbrushing and wanted to someday give it a try.

I must say it is not as overwhelming as I expected. Now don't get me wrong, it is not something that you might become a pro makeup artist at on the very first try. At least, not me. There is a learning curve on how fast you should go and how much pressure to apply to the airbrush gun lever. It also takes some patience and it is not for the careless. When I say this I mean that you must be diligent in maintaining the unit and keeping it clean and properly stored. It is an expensive device and it needs proper care to function correctly.

I was offered a chance at reviewing an air brush system (complimentary for my honest evaluation) from a brand called Belloccio.  

I received everything I needed to get started with the system.  I am fair to light skintone with pinkish undertones and selected the fair set.  

This comes with the device, a handy carry case, foundations, primer, cleaner, blushes and bronzers/highlighter.  I will use the highlighter, but do not think I will attempt the bronzer as I never wear it in regular makeup.  I am not skilled in making bronzer look normal or natural on me.  

The set also comes with a dvd, but since my laptop (Macbook Pro) does not have  a drive, I visited the Belloccio website.  

They have several easy to follow videos that will make you much more comfortable with diving in and getting started.  

Here is how to set up the airbrush system.

Before you use the system the first time, clean the unit with the included solution.  It is easy to do and important for making sure the unit is clean, will properly function, and is safe to use.  

When you are ready to begin and are unsure of the shade or shades you will need, swipe a little bit of foundation on your jawline in each of the foundation shades.  Since I received the fair set, my included shades were Blanc, Vanilla, Alabaster, and Buff.  The shades are numbered as well which I found very helpful.  I applied them in order starting nearest to my ear as shade 1 (Blanc) and finishing up with Buff closest to my mouth area.  (see picture)

In my opinion, the best match was Alabaster 3, with a close second being the lightest shade of Blanc.  I think I could easily mix the 2 or just go with Alabaster.  The other two shades seemed a bit too yellow toned for my complexion.  
I wanted to show you the shades on my own skintone, in their full form, and so did not blend into my skin.  I only slightly blended them out in my other photo.  But for me, if I purchase more foundation (which I very well might if I continue to like the foundation and coverage) the shade that seems to best fit me was Alabaster, I may lean towards Blanc and Alabaster mixed, when I am slightly paler in the winter months.  

Turn on the pump.  I used medium setting for primer and foundation, although they recommend high for priming and cleaning.  I add 2 drops of primer to the applicator and apply in circular motions.  Here is how: The Stylis (airbrush gun) has a "cup" that holds up to 7 drops of liquid.  After filling the applicator, put your finger over the tip of the stylis and press the the lever back ever so slightly to allow the pump to prepare for application.   You will not need to clean the device just yet, you can apply the foundation next, just make sure you have used all of the primer that was added and any remaining, should be sprayed out onto a paper towel.  

Once you select the foundation shade or shades you desire, shake each bottle before use.  I then added up to 7 drops of color total (either of one shade or you can use a combination of course if that suits your skin best).  You may want to test airflow on paper towel if you are unsure.  I suggest slow, steady and even application. :) I would suggest attempting this when you are not short on time.  You do not want to rush using it when you are just learning.  

I like how I am in control of how much product I am applying and how fast it is coming out of the stylis.  I also am happy to report it is not a messy application, as long as you take your time and do not use too fast or strong of a setting.  You can use one layer of foundation for a more natural look, or wait about 2 minutes and do another layer for a fuller coverage.  

After you are finished with your foundation and blush, etc., it is important to clean the device.  I suggest you view the video on their website (posted here below) before cleaning so as to make sure to do it correctly and completely.  There is a slight breaking down of the device to really get it nice and clean, ready for the next use.

I am really satisfied with the device.  It is lightweight and compact and everything fits into the supplied carry case.  I do find that the bag feels a bit on the cheaper side (handle is a bit thin and the bow seems as if it may not last long) and the style/coloring of the bag is not my taste, but it I could find a similar shape and size if I wanted to use another carry bag.  

This is a great system, and although I cannot compare it to other brands, this one seems particularly nice and works well for me.  I like that there are rubber feet on the bottom of the unit.  

I am unsure as to how long a bottle of foundation will last, however, with only a few drops needed at a time, I think the included bottles should last me a while.  I am happy to find that the single bottles of foundation are just under $10 on Amazon with free prime shipping.  

I recommend this system and was pleasantly surprised.  This was sent to me complimentary, however this was my honest opinion and evaluation, no other compensation was provided.  I will be adding full pictures of my makeup application (the "after" pictures) shortly.

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