Wednesday, April 13, 2016

intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector Review

*Sponsored post, with a complimentary product sent for honest evaluation*

We finally upgraded our phones from the Samsung Galaxy S3 (yes, it had embarrassingly been awhile) and decide to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 this past December. I bought a cute Kate Spade rose gold and pale pink stripe case for it but had not gotten a screen protector as I had not ever really used one and our Galaxy S3's had held up almost 3 years with no issues. Well, within a month of getting the Note 5, my husband dropped his phone on the concrete floor of his work. His screen has about a 2 inch hairline crack on the lower area of screen. We have not payed these off yet and the insurance is not covering it (unless we pay an extra $175 on top of the price of the phone), so we won't be able to get him a replacement anytime soon. I am ultra protective of my phone and keep it in a padded cloth pouch as well in its case.  I wanted to try a screen protector and was offered to try one from intelliArmor.  

This is a company that makes a real glass screen protection for a variety of devices from cell phones to tablets and iPads.  These are crafted with a unique layering process:

Silicone base layer that adheres to the device screen easily and without bubbles - all while leaving no residue.  I found this to be quite interesting and although I did need a few tries to get the protector aligned, it was fascinating how well this worked and clinged to the screen.  

The protector is also made up of an ultra-hardened glass layer that has been treated to have "greater scratch resistance than steel." The outer layer is said to be oil and smudge resistant, that repels fingerprints and makes cleaning quick and easy.  

The kit comes with all you will need to prepare your device for applying the protector and instructions.  I made sure to read the instructions throughly and I would suggest you watch the company's video as well before beginning the process.

Prep the screen with the included alcohol wipe to remove any oils, fingerprints, and debris.  You want the glass to adhere properly and be fresh and clean.  Then polish the screen to dry it and remove any streaking left from the wipe.  There is a dust removal sheet that allows you to further remove and lint or dust.  You can now apply the glass protector.  Make sure you have clean fingers (I made sure to throughly wash my hands before touching the glass to prevent any issues) and gently grasp the edges of the glass.  It has a pull tab that shows you were to remove the protective adhesive film.  One side is sticky so be careful not to touch that part as it will be adhering to the screen.  I had to realign my glass a second time, but that it my error as I was a bit distracted with trying to do this in the kitchen on the table while my 5 year old and 2 year old were being a bit loud and running around in the next room.  It was a fairly easy process to apply the protector.  The packaging mentioned a small little card  for removing the air bubbles (as seen in the video) but my packing was missing this item so I was able to use a store shoppers discount card (slightly thinner than a credit card) and wrapped it in the polish cloth.  

I have had this glass protector on my phone about 3 weeks and so far am happy with it.  I have never dropped my phone in the few months I have had it, however accidents are never planned, and I would like to prevent any added damage that might occur from a mishap.  I feel a little more confident that this will provide added protection to my device.  These phones and devices of today are not cheap and I am happy to have something on my screen especially since my husband's screen is looking pretty rough these days.  It is crazy that both of our previous phones lasted almost 3 years without a scratch, and this one was damaged so soon.  (he had dropped his previous phone before and never had an issue on the screen).  

You can find this product on Amazon from the company as well as through their website.

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To learn more about the intelliArmor company and their intelliGlass, your can find them at their website.   You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter to hear about new products and tips.

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I like how well they protect their glass screen protector in arrival to their customer.  They use a stiff plastic casing that is similar in protection to a dvd case.  Everything fits inside neatly and they make it easy to prepare your device for a proper fit.  

I was sent this glass protector complimentary for my honest opinion and review from the intelliArmor company.  This was a sponsored post, however all words and opinions are my own and this was my full evaluation of the product.  

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