Thursday, April 14, 2016

Earthen Instant Peel Natural Solution, 6 Count packs Review

**I was sent a full 6 pack of the Earthen Instant Peel for my honest evaluation, this is a sponsored post, however this is my personal experience and review of the product.**

I have been using various microdermabrasion gloves, acid peels, exfoliating scrubs and facial microdermabrasion corundum crystals over the years.  Derma rollers are the newest in my collection of skin smoothing products.  I light how my serums absorb into my skin better and my makeup glides along with a natural and beautiful finish.  I was selected to evaluate a derma peel that is a natural alternative to glycolic acid peels and dermabrasion. InstantPeel combines proteins and enzymes naturally and gently peels away dead skin cells impurities. 

The product is fairly pricy at between $40 and 50 dollars depending on where you purchase.  It is often cheaper when purchased on Amazon.  It comes in a box of 6 single use packets that are best used in the shower when your facial skin is moist and steamed.  

Here are the directions:

Step 1) Take an InstantPeel packet into the shower.  I throughly wash my face with my natural sulfate free coconut based soap, rinse and then steam my face for about five minutes.  Steaming opens pores and allows the skin to become moist and supple. 

Step 2) Open the packet and squeeze a small amount of InstantPeel onto fingertips.  I massage gently, with some light pressure on my face and neck, avoiding my eyes and lids.  Using stronger strokes, rub InstantPeel in a back and forth motion until dead skin is removed and balls up. 

I then rinse after the entire packet is used up and I feel my skin is fully exfoliated.

This is a milky liquid texture, it is very thin and almost watery when it first comes out of the packet.    I like to do three applications in a packet (in one session) and so the first 2 are usually watery and hard to keep in my hand without spilling some off the sides.  The last application is a thicker consistency and more like what I would like for the entire session.  I am thinking perhaps it is a good idea to first mix (lightly mash the packet) the product while the packet is fully sealed to insure a better consistency.  I only thought of this after 2 different packets were used.

I tried to take a proper application video, but even at the sink it was going to be difficult as I was trying to do it one handed.  A word to the wise, IF you do this at the sink, be advised you will most likely get little flakes on your shirt and most likely the sink or counter (I did).  This is why I highly suggest application in the shower, except that in the shower it is somewhat tricky to keep the packet standing up for its entire usage, and not get water into the opened packet.

The product works well and there is no gritty texture like I would have expected (this is not a microdermabrasion crystal product).  When applied to skin up and down and back and forth, the liquid mixes with the exfoliated skin.  I would describe it as almost like a rubber pencil eraser (when erasing on a sheet of paper).

Here are my sink pictures, they are not extremely clear as they were selfies and my hands were messy.

This is a portion of what my kitchen sink looked like, but multiply it by 5 times this and imagine it all over my black shirt as well. :) I highly suggest the shower application.
I would prefer this to be in a tube or preferably a pump container, and not in individual packets as I use this in the shower primarily and it is difficult to not get the shower head water into the packet (as well as keep the packet standing up and not spilling the somewhat liquid product.)  I have only tried the sink application once and it was much to messy for my liking (my black shirt, counter, and sink had a crazy amount of flaky bits when I was done).

I have used this once per week with nice results.  This rinses easily (whichever method--sink or shower) and afterwards my skin has a nice healthy pink glow that feels silky and soft.  This did not irritate my skin.  Since I am used to regular exfoliation and peels, I had no issues with irritation.  This is designed to be a gentler peel than most on the market and so most users should not have any issues.  But please be gentle and make sure you do not use the peel if your skin is currently irritated.

This product is USA made!

Please excuse my messy hair and no makeup.  I think my skin looks nice and it is ready for my serums and moisturizer.  

For more information on this product, you can visit the Earthen Website.

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