Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Bear Brush Paddle Brush by Bella and Bear: Reviewed

My almost 4 year old have very long hair that has never been trimmed. I love the softness of her hair and want to keep it looking as lovely and at a long length. Her hair is very fine and delicate and it does get knotted very easily. She likes wearing it in a ponytail or top knot bun and sometimes that adds to the tangles. Right now, her hair is past her elbows

She loves putting barrettes and hair bows in it (often on her own). She loves to brush her own hair and likes having her hair brushed as long as it does not tug or hurt. She has several hair brushes. She has a seamless bamboo wooden comb, a boar bristle brush, a nylon s pattern wavy brush, and now a cushion nylon paddle brush .

The Nylon paddle brush is from Bella & Bear, which is a company I have reviewed for in the past. They have cute packaging and the products are always brightly colored and decorated with a retro polka dot floral pattern. I am smitten with the packaging and have been tempted to keep the cardboard boxes of all the items I have tried, but we do not have the room.

The brush is a wide square paddle with an air cushioned rubber pad, and ball ended nylon bristles.  It does seem to be a nice brush for smoothing hair and the larger width seems to work best for providing a quicker brushing session.  I would not say that it is completely pain free as advertised, but it is definitely a good brush.  I have tried it on my long hair and it works nicely.  I still prefer using my Mason Pearson Pink Popular (boar and nylon mix) as it seems to be the only thing that is able to fully detangle my thick hair and stimulate my natural oils on my scalp.  This Bella & Bear brush was fully intended for my daughter, and she likes the special pattern on it and how grown up she feels having it.  It looks really nice on her vintage dresser.  This is a cute brush and the price on Amazon is quite reasonable. 

*This brush was sent to me from Bella & Bear for purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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