Friday, January 30, 2015

Hango Lunch Bag Set of Two Sizes (Small and Large) Review

Going out of the home with small children can be manageable, and easy when you are prepared.  I tend to over-pack for trips (taking several bags for me and 2 kids just for even an overnight trip) and loading my diaper bag/purse combo bag, and storing extra of most everything in our small suv much to my husband's dismay.  But let me tell you, the one or 2 times that I took only what I *thought* I needed and no extras, was the day(s) we were in trouble.  I remember when my now 4 year old was about 18 months of age.  We went to an Italian restaurant about an hour away from home and she was doing great eating her pasta.  When we left, she "got sick" so to speak in the parking lot (thank goodness it was NOT in the restaurant) and I cleaned her up and changed her into her ONE spare outfit. :) Unfortunately I myself did not have a spare shirt, so I had to wing it on that day with Clorox disinfectant wipes and a smile.  Exactly 10 minutes later while we were just finishing up cleaning up everything, she had another issue, but in a different way. :) We had a spare diaper (we use one size, adjustable snap diapers from Bum Genius) but we had no more clothes and it was about 30 degrees outside.  It was also around 7 pm at night and we were in a town where we did not know where many stores were.  We found a department store and had a thick blanket that we use for going to the park (that we store in the back of the suv) and wrapped her up and went into the store with a bright reddish orange burrito baby. :) We found an outfit that was on clearance and purchased it and put it on her right after checking out.  I remind my husband of that crazy night every time her grumbles at clutter / my over-packing.   All that to say, I now always have at LEAST 2 spare outfits for both my 4 year old and my 9 month old.  I also pack a small medi-bag of spare headache medicine, band-aids, disinfectant hand and face wipes, antacid, mints, and the like.  My 4 year old, is always hungry and has the metabolism of a runner and the appetite of a middle school boy it seems.  She is always wanting to eat and is always thirsty.  I make sure to have the back of the suv fully stocked with the mini raisin boxes and mini bags of cheddar crackers.  Our baby is still fed naturally but he is on baby food veggies and so we always keep at least 4 jars with us at all times in case we are out all day.

I was sent a set of insulated lunch bags to review.  The bags arrived with a really nice white cotton canvas like bag (thick like canvas but not).  The white draw string bag is roughly 15x11 inches and REALLY NICE for a freebie bag.  I am not sure what I will use it for, but I know I am going to use it.  I think it would be a good laundry bag for my baby's clothes when we travel due to the size of the bag.  I might use it for travel toys (yes toys are VERY important to have a collection of in the car---a wide variety so the kids do not get board with one or 2 items).  The set of 2 lunch bags are from Hango, and they are 2 different sizes.

I was sent 2 fuchsia pink, thick polyester bags with a stainless steel zipper (nice!) and a light brown handle.  I would have personally preferred the handle to be black or a matching pink as I coordinate accessories (yes, even to car bags or diaper bags) and I never wear or use brown.  I also have several black items and I get slightly stressed when black and brown are together (which is why I am super happy I was sent the pink set instead of the other black bags they had (brown handle).  I think the black bags look nice, and are more functional for my husband to be able to use, however, I am happy to not have had a black and brown shade on the same bag.  :) (I know, I am weird)

The Hango lunch bags at first glance are VERY sturdy and seem well made.  The large bag is 6 inches in length by 6 inches in height, and 10 inches in width.  This is a great size for 6 soda cans (we do not drink sodas so this works well for us to pack LOTS of baby food jars, some healthy snacks, a full sized silicone baby / toddler bib, some spoons, and LOTS more.  The second bag is smaller and is 5 inches in length by 5 inches in height, and x7.5 inches width.  Both bags pack really easily and I like the smaller bag for my diaper bag or the bottom compartment of our stroller.  I do not put liquids in the small one, just some baby food jars.  I would say the smaller bag would work great for a preschooler lunch bag.

The bags did have a strong chemical smell when they arrived so I did air them out a week before using them and then wiped them down fully with a Clorox disinfectant wipe.  The seams on the bag are neat and the zippers function well.  We have used the 2 bags for the car and going to restaurants with baby food.  These lunch bags are available on Amazon if you are interested in checking them out.

The packed lunch bag pictures show what the large bag held for us (with room to spare).  There is a green molded silicone big in there that I was able to roll up and store in there for restaurants.  These bags hold a lot of stuff.  There is one improvement I would request, I find the handles a bit too short for comfortable carrying.  I think these would be easier if the handles were slightly adjustable and had a release buckle (like the kind on a backpack).  This way we could clip it to the stroller to have on hand within easy reach. 

I did not receive any compensation for this post. Full Disclosure: I did receive the set of 2 Hango lunch bags for free to try and then review. This is my honest opinion. My opinion may differ from yours.

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