Monday, January 5, 2015

AirComfy Travel Pillow: Reviewed

I rarely sleep sitting up, however, when I am exhausted and have only had a 3-6 hours of sleep a night (each night, for a few days in a row), I will nod off if we are driving longer than an hour or two (in the passenger seat, of course). I have a U-shaped pillow that I have used maybe twice on long road trips, but it really does not help much. I have tried using a pillow and slumping against the window and door but with my back, that posture hurts my entire alignment. I had the opportunity to review a travel pillow from the company AirComfy.  It is a space saving travel pillow that is a butterfly / bow shaped and  supports your neck as you sleep.  It is quite useful for those that travel frequently on plane for business (or vacation).  Sadly we have not been on vacation since our Honeymoon 6 years ago.

This pillow is better suited for upright sleeping.  Traditional travel pillows can cause stress on the neck, as the user often tilts their head slightly to one side.  This pillow is shaped so that the side wings of the pillow support the head, and cradle the neck.  I like how this pillow attaches to the head support of our car by a sturdy elastic.  I am never much of a fan of noisy velcro, and would be concerned about my long hair getting caught in the hook and loop part.  Since we do not travel longer than a 30 minute to 1 hr. road trip, I do not use this pillow as often in the car.  I did learn that you can use this behind your lower back! I love this feature.  It is so helpful for me as I do a lot of sitting on the couch for several hours a night typing away on my laptop.

It is self inflatable, by opening the valve.  However, mine did need a few more breaths to fully fill the pillow.  The remainder of the pillow was very easy.  This did make the pillow full and more firm.  You can completely
adjust the pillow to your individual comfort and need by deflating or inflating manually. When using it on my lower back, I have to have the valve part pointing down because the edge near the valve is pointy and pokes me.  The pillow weighs roughly 6 ounces, which is great when traveling by air and suitcase (luggage weight restrictions). The pillow comes packed in a storage sack with an attached carabiner. This is a handy item to have.

*Sample pillow received by company for review*

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