Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Baby More Co. Wrap Carrier: Reviewed

I love carrying my baby and cuddling him close.  There is just something about holding your little one and knowing that they feel safe and loved, and then knowing that they love you as well just melts your heart.  I am a late owl, I am busy during the day with both little ones and so my blogging, house chores, and reviews do not get done till the house is quiet and the time is late, crazy late.  I am winding down most nights with a cozy vintage quilt, a hot tea or iced tea (whatever strikes my fancy) and the sound of the dryer making little thuds and tings of buttons against the inside drum.  I am happy to take a little break from a review to cuddle my little ones when they wake up groggy and wanting mommy to cuddle them.  Both children get up every now and then, but my 9 month old gets up like clock work as he is still wanting to eat and also just needs lovin.  I used to get so exhausted with my daughter when she was that age, she was fed naturally as well and every 2-3 hours she would wake and I would be very tired, but knew it was best as she was getting so much nourishment, and I did enjoy spending time with her.  She has grown up so very fast and still likes to give hugs and want stories and to be tucked in, but it is so bittersweet as she does not need me as much now.  My little fella needs me all the time, and I know need to cherish it, REALLY cherish it, as he is still so tiny, but already almost a year old.  I take comfort in cuddling him and carrying him.  I know it is good for him as well.

I enjoy baby wearing.  I am not new to baby carriers. My first child is almost 4 and was carried in a Moby Wrap which is very similar in material and design to this Baby More wrap. The Moby and The Baby More Wrap both are a thick and sturdy cotton material, and both come in a matching draw string bag. I find it very convenient to have a carry bag as this is a very long wrap.

I had also bought an Ego Baby carrier from the Petunia Pickle Bottom line when it first came out and like it as well. My daughter only got to use the ergo for about 6 months as we bought it at the end of her carry stage. She was walking and toddling and wanted to be free. Both types of carriers work for different occasions. I now am able to use carriers for my son who is almost 9 months. We had sold my daughter's Moby wrap as it was a pretty Blossom pink and although pink is my favorite color, it would not be best for my son. We had purchased a Boba Wrap/Sleepy wrap in lime green for my son when he was newborn. The Boba wrap / Sleepy wrap is a more stretchy material and more "springy" in the way the material expands and contracts when baby is put in and out of the wrap. If you're using a Boba, make sure you wrap very tightly so you can slip the baby in and out. When I have used the Boba wrap I can wrap it once and take baby out and put him back in without having to readjust.

The Baby More wrap is almost identical to the Moby however, is more economical in price. I think the Boba is best for a younger and lighter baby as you may not get as much support when baby is heavier. The Baby More wrap is a tighter weave and less stretchy material, which means that it will need to be re-wrapped and retied to put baby in again.

I like all of my wraps and carriers, I feel I have chosen fantastic products. I like to use wraps at home, at the grocery store, or in church and like to use our Ergo carrier when we will be walking for long distances at a fair or similar place. If I take my baby in a wrap I like to wrap my body before leaving home so that I do not drag the long cloth material on the concrete, grass or black top of the parking lot when it is being put on. I have found it keeps the wrap cleaner when it is put on in a carpeted area or someplace where the floor is clean. :)

I selected the black Baby More wrap as it is gender neutral and I happen to think the black is classy. I bet the pink is really pretty. :)

I like this Baby More wrap. I like how the gal who runs the Baby More company is a mommy and seems very in tune with needs of parents and babies. She also provides a guarantee which is quite amazing really. She guarantees you will like her product and find her product to be of better or equal value and quality to other similar wraps. She provides a money back guarantee if there is an issue and will do her best to make it right and provide a wrap to you that cares for the needs of your baby and suits your fancy.

I use this Baby More wrap at home as I am a stay at home mommy and care for both my almost 4 year old and 9 month old. I am able to carry my baby around the house while getting cereal or lunch for my daughter. My baby boy loves being held and is at the stage where he cries when I put him down. This wrap comes in handy. Sometimes he faces out so he can see what going on around him and sometimes he faces toward me when he is fussy and needing extra cuddles. He often falls asleep when facing toward me.

The edges on this wrap are serged and everything seems neatly constructed. I would like to see more colors like perhaps a Kelly green or lime, Tiffany blueish green, and perhaps a coral red.

*sample Baby Wore Wrap sent for review, however all opinions are my own.

If you would like to view the carrier wrap on Amazon, it is available here.

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