Monday, January 19, 2015

Painting with LuLu Crayon Stylus and Coloring App Reviewed

Our daughter is almost 4 and has not really used our ipad 2 at all except for watching a few PBS cartoons on long 3 hour plus car trips.  Luckily she does not have much interest in digital toys and electronics, but I know a lot of little kids like playing on ipads, tablets, and phones.  Often they will need a stylus to use if they are using the tablet for a game or app.  Many stylus's are difficult for little hands to hold or are not real safe for a child to use in a moving vehicle (I know I worry about poked eyes or poked siblings.)  I was sent a special stylus that looks almost like a real crayon and is rubber.  It is small and thick, allowing easy and comfortable grasp of little fingers and hands.  It allows children to color on digital pages and use touch screens with ease. 

The Painting Lulu Digital Crayon stylus comes in different colors and is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Galaxy and many more.  I was sent a stylus in the orange color.  The Painting Lulu Digital Crayon can be also used with the Painting Lulu coloring app (available to download on Google Play) for Android, Apple and Amazon devices.

Scan the code located on the front of the stylus package using any QR scanner app.  The Painting Lulu coloring app will then be loaded on your device.   This is a neat app that offers coloring pages, painting tools and much more.  There are 5 coloring books to choose from.  Your child can color a picture, then can erase it and start all over again.  Saving the picture is easy, and you can email it to yourself or a family member.  This would be a great way to color a picture for someones birthday as a ecard.  It is also possible to upload your own coloring book pages, which I think is quite nice.  My daughter loves coloring, and I do not want to use this all the time, but for a long car trip this is great as only one "crayon" is needed to provide color, which means less chance of dropping certain colors in the car while driving or having to be able to hold several crayons in the car while she sits in her booster car seat. 

I personally won't have her use this at home as we like using real crayons and coloring sheets.  The child's experience of using crayons, smelling the familiar crayon scent, getting the little waxy crayon bits on the table (the crumbs) and selecting colors is magical for a child and I would not want to take that away from my daughter.  This crayon stylus is a wonderful idea and it is useful.  I just personally want to let her enjoy real crayons right now for the most part.  Maybe we are old fashioned, but both her and I like crayons.

The stylus is cute and great for travel.  We will use it for long car trips if she gets bored with car games.  I also think keeping it in my diaper bag might be helpful in case we are somewhere like a doctors office where we have to wait and it is taking much longer than expected, she can "color" on my phone.  Now to be honest, she currently is at the age where she is happy looking at the giant fish tank at our pediatricians office, and would be happy with looking at it for an hour or more most likely.  This crayon stylus is nice to have on hand, but won't be used as often as her real crayons.  It functions great, and the coloring app is fun for her.  I just prefer her to use real crayons when possible.

This was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

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