Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Azure Naturals Cucumber Infused ULTIMATE PEPTIDE Eye Brightening Gel

I received a few items recently from Azure Naturals in the last month.  I love how their products are made in the USA and they use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible.  I am a skin care lover.  I try to use natural products and enjoy making mud and clay masks and at home spa treatments.  I add in essential oils to most everything.  One thing I do not make is serum, as I have come across some fantastic companies in the past few months that have a knack for great serums, facial toners and lotions.  I have had improved skin clarity and texture over the last 2 years with my oil cleansing, green smoothies, and increased water intake, but unfortunately the dark circles and fine lines around my eyes are becoming more noticeable.

Azure Naturals has an eye gel that claims to correct or improve these problems. They have a product called Ultimate Peptide Eye Brightening Gel that promises to restore skin, repair and reverse the signs of aging. It is designed to be applied twice a day to the eye area and after extended use, and issues of dark circles, eye puffiness, crow's feet, fine lines, etc. will improve.  It comes in a pretty (actually its quite stunning really) apple green bottle that is ultra sleek and comfortable to hold, that is dispensed by an airless pump.  It contains Matrixyl 3000 + Plant Stem Cells + Hyaluronic Acid +  Cucumber and can be used all over the face, not just around the eyes.  I have been applying it all over my face because the fresh, spa like fragrance and the cooling  essence of cucumber is such a wonderful experience.

I have only been trying this particular product about 2 weeks, so there are no drastic improvements, except that it helps my skin feel more refreshed and toned after I wash it, and my skin is very soft.  I am using with the other Azure Naturals  serums and creams I have been testing.  This naturally feels cool when applied, but I storing this in the fridge feels amazing on my tired, lack of shut eye, lids.  The company and products are top notch.  The products all smell amazing, I am excited to soon tell you about the other 2 Azure products which have the fragrance and ingredients of fresh lime and juicy orange.

For more information on the company and to be updated when they have sales or new products, you can follow then on Facebook and Twitter.   This product is available on Amazon.  *I received a sample container of the Brightening Gel for this review, however all opinions are my own.

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