Tuesday, January 13, 2015

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Lemon Essential Oil by Pure Luxe Pure Body Naturals: Reviewed

I love using essential oils every day and recently was sent some pure lemon oil from Pure Body Naturals.   This came with a dropper for ease of use, and is housed in a dark amber glass bottle.  The size of this bottle is generous, at 4 ounces! I am happy that there is so much of it, because I have been using it every day!
Lemon oil smells absolutely wonderful and sweet.  Lemon is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant.  I have used lemon oil with water, Lavender Essential oil, and a little baking soda to make a natural surface cleaner.  We put it in a spray bottle and use it to disinfect our daughter's potty chair, our bathroom counters, or any place that needs extra care and cleaning.

I use lemon oil as an air cleaner / purifier.  I mix lemon oil and peppermint oil with filtered water and put it in a diffuser in my 4 year old's room.  It smells amazing in there while she sleeps and it calms her when she is still trying to get to sleep.  The scent of lemon is often used by Aromatherapists to treat anxiety, promote mental clarity and concentration.  I truly believe that, as whenever I smell lemon, I think more positively and I seem to feel more uplifted.  I have even put Lavender and Lemon together.  It is fun to play around with different fragrances. 

Pure lemon oil has the ability to help soothe stomach problems, aid with digestion, to boost weight-loss and is great for antiaging. I think it smells wonderful and so I add it to some of my body creams and dab some behind my ear and along my shoulders after a shower. 

I have read that lemon oil is used sometimes to clean leather, jewellery and wood furniture, but I have not personally tried that yet.  I have used this Lemon oil to make homemade toothpaste.  I am still trying to make it perfect, but I am mixing pure unrefined coconut oil, Redmonds calcium bentonite clay, lemon oil, xylitol, calcium powder, and a few drops of water.  I have been using it a week.  If you are interested about making toothpaste, there are several tutorials on the internet.  Coconut oil is an all around healer and detox ingredient, and since I oil pull with it every other day, I thought I should brush my tooth with it as well. Bentonite draws out toxins and can potentially remineralize teeth when mixed with the other ingredients.  If you do try your hand at it, make sure to never use metal to mix the clay with as it will draw out metal.  (use a glass or plastic bowl and wooden or plastic spoon).  I have not taken a picture of my toothpaste yet as at the moment it is covered in a glass jar in the fridge and I am hoping to find a better way to store it.  I have seen some people add more water and put it in a squeeze tube.

I am liking this Lemon Oil, by Pure Luxe Pure Body Naturals and am finding that it has several uses for daily life.  One bottle of Lemon oil was sent to me for review, all thoughts are my own. 

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