Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ezy Chef Milk Frother: Reviewed

I was sent another milk frother to review and it is a nice one.  I use a milk frother almost every day for a variety of tasks.  I find that it scrambles eggs really easily and I use my milk frother as an immersion blender frequently.  The brand I have been using recently is from Ezy Chef.  It is a stainless steel frother with a large ergonomic handle.   It has 2 speed buttons which makes it easy to use without having to keep pressing the power button during operation.  This little frother takes 2 AA batteries (which are sadly not included) and has a nice bit of power and is not overly noisy.  I had really would have liked the batteries to be included as we never seem to have batteries on hand when we need them.  Even though we have small children and you would think we would always have batteries, the majority of our toys that we get for them are non electronic as we like them to use their own imagination instead of use flashing light or song toys. Having to buy batteries to get this working was a slight inconvenience.  We seem to have 20 or more AAA but the AA are always scarce.  But we do like this frother.  To change batteries, slide the black door to the side (housed on the bottom of the unit inside the handle).

I fix a lot of my frothy drinks at night when it is midnight or later so it is important to me to have this be quiet in operation since the bedroom is across from our kitchen.  This frother gets used for lattes, hot chocolate, coffee, green matcha lattes, and many more beverage treats.  I have even used it to add froth to my already blended smoothies.  To clean this, I just rinse really well under the hot water of our sink.  It is important to take care in keeping the handle dry.  Never immerse the handle in water or put the unit in the dishwasher as it will damage the unit.

It has an incredible amount of power for a small unit.  I do like this a lot.  The only 2 things I would want to improve is the placement of the button, to be closer to the top to make it easier to use, and for the battery compartment to be easier to put back on.

I have 2 frothers currently, the Easy Chef is the heaviest, but froths the best.  It is not the most comfortable to hold and operate.  My other frother has a nice button on top, and is easier to use, but it does not make as much froth.

*Sample Ezy Chef Frother sent for review, all opinions are my own.

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