Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pure Rose Water - Skin Daily Skincare Solutions Review

I recently had the opportunity to try a brand of pure rose water from Skin Daily Skincare Solutions. The rosewater is in a dark amber glass bottle and this smells so beautiful. I have used rose water for a few years now for soothing and toning my skin. Rose water contains antioxidants and is popular as an effective anti-aging and beauty water. It relieves irritated skin, hydrates, balance skin. I add rose water to almost all my beauty and cosmetic items.

I shave with a restored vintage caramel Bakelite shaving brush, mug, and a natural ingredient, sulfate free soap puck. I add rose water and vegetable glycerin to the frothy foam in my shaving mug. I often add a few drops of Lavender and Argan Oil.  Rose water adds a sensuous and feminine fragrance (covers up the unpleasant scent of the Argan Oil), while also adding luxurious skin pampering properties.

I like to use plain rose water as a light fragrance in my hair and on my neck and shoulders. I get a cotton ball and dab along my hairline, behind my ears, on my shoulders, and then lastly apply a few drops into my hair.  Putting in a spray bottle works well if you prefer.  It soothes me and actually helps relax me before I sleep.  Having a pretty scent to fall asleep with, is really nice.

I have used rose water as a simple face tonic cleanser. If you want to add some fragrance and added skin benefits to your already amazing facial oil cleansing routine, mix about 4 oz of rose water, two teaspoons of vegetable glycerine and 10 drops of Manuka Essential oil (similar to Tea Tree but smells better and is actually gentler but more effective), and Calendula infused oil (I use a mix of Jojoba oil, Argan Oil, Caster Oil and  Rosehip Oil). and make my own, instead of spending big money and getting the cheaply made stuff that just has Calendula and Olive Oil).  You can add whatever amount of oil fills your desired container/bottle.  I oil cleanse every time I wear makeup.  (it is fantastic with waterproof eyeliner and mascara)
Another use for rose water in our home is making a homemade wipes solution for baby. I use baby mild/unscented Castile Soap, my Calendula Oil blend mentioned above, 10 drops of Manuka Oil, and 10 drops of Lavender Oil.  I store this in a wipes warmer with baby wash clothes.

This Rose Water smells wonderful.  I love that it is 100% natural and pure.  It is very refreshing, soothing, and versatile.  I use it for many more bath and body products not listed.  The packaging label looks high end and spa like.  I recommend this and think it is a great find.  *I was sent one bottle to try, however all thoughts are my own. 

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