Monday, January 5, 2015

Jet shower Curtain Rings: Reviewed

We recently replaced my husband's hookless shower curtain as it was about 3 years old (yuck). It had an accumulation of hair dye stains that never got fully rinsed and was looking pretty shabby.  We had been sent an all clear shower curtain (they are pretty funny the first time or two you use them as they are completely see through) to review at the same time as some stainless steel shower rings). 

Jet shower curtain rings come in a clear pouch of 12, and are designed to flow freely across the curtain rod with five roller balls on each ring.  This feature provides space between the rod and hooks, allowing it to glide without snagging.  I do agree that these work well with moving without getting caught.  My bathroom has some cute girly shaped rings (a French country cottage theme) but they do catch frequently.  These stainless steel rings are corrosion-resistant.  I have only had these on the shower for about 3 weeks so there obviously is not any rust or corrosion right now. 

To open the ring, push in on the non hook side, and then swing it out.  It will then look like the picture below.
I did want to make sure I have some time to test these before writing a review.  Sometimes the loops get stuck on each other (as seen in the picture), but it is not difficult to fix.  It is possible that these sometimes get looped together due to the fact that his shower is a standing shower only and not a traditional tub and shower combo (his shower is more narrow than most).

I had never tried these ball bearing type shower hooks previously, but they are holding up well so far.  They look retro and classy in my husband's shower.  His bathroom is an aqua blue color and so these coordinate just fine.

*Sample provided for review.*

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