Sunday, August 24, 2014

Prospect Park Tea: 40 ct. Variety Pack: Review and GIVEAWAY!

I am sitting here enjoying my Prospect Park Vanilla Chai tea, in a frothy tall glass. I made it in the blender with ice, 2% milk (because I indulge like that) and roughly a teaspoon of REAL, Vanilla Bean Extract that is ALCOHOL FREE. We went shopping tonight at our local healthy grocery store, and I saw it. Right there on the shelf, next to the 35% alcohol Pure Vanilla. I could not believe it. All this time I thought I had to get it with the alcohol in there. Many years of using the regular vanilla extract and baking with it (not tasting the alcohol in baking), and then a few times, trying to put a few drops in my smoothies or teas and hating the flavor strength it would give the item.

Now I am pure happy tonight, smiles and all. Yes, this frothy little number has me smitten. It has a slight spicy flavor, the kind you would get from a hot spice muffin or a hot wintery drink, but this is summer, and I want chilled perfection. Let me tell you a little about the rest of the teas I have from this brand...First, this Vanilla Chai blends cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, vanilla and premium black tea leaves.

I was able to try a 40 count variety box of K-cup teas for my Keurig brewer machine. The teas are from Prospect Park and are a delight to drink. They are truly a variety, a surprise in every box. The gorgeous boxes (each flavor box has a beautiful picture on it, including the variety pack which shows Prospect Park) contain an assortment of the following teas: Duke Of Earl Grey, Golden Dragon, Chamomile Chill, Lemon Taxi, Graffiti Burst, Himalayan Spring, Peppermint Heights, Brooklyn Breakfast, Green Power, Prospect Park, White Bengal, Vanilla Chai. Don't you adore the names? The flavors are spot on and the aromas, amazing! Whenever either of us brews one of the chai or the fruit teas especially, the entire kitchen has such a wonderful fragrance.

Prospect Teas are packed with flavor and are top quality. The K-cups are colorful and each has their own special font with their name and the description. We did not count our unique box to find out how many we got of each flavor, we just take some out and put them into our K-cup carousel when space opens. My husband prefers his tea VERY HOT, like steam rising from the top, warning label HOT. Whenever I make tea, I either drink it with ice in a tall glass, blended into a frothy tea latte or VERY WARM. I do not drink my tea hot, as I feel that sipping something incredibly hot makes it so that I cannot fully enjoy my tea or notice the entire flavor. Each sip, especially the first sip, gives me the kind of caution, such as a person dipping their toe in the pool water testing it out, for fear it is too cold to take the plunge all the way in. (except my tongue is the toe, and instead of cold pool water, it is HOT HOT tea, and I take forever to try the first sip, so I usually wait till the "hot tea" is VERY WARM (like 10-15 minutes after it was poured into the cup). My husband thinks I am crazy, eh, maybe I am, but trust me, HOT TEA tongue is similar to HOT PIZZA ROOF OF MOUTH BURN. Trust me, it has happened to me. :)

I enjoy tea, I drink it quite frequently. Both my husband and I have loved trying this brand. The box they come in is very pretty. It has pictures of the Prospect Park of the same name, in the the middle of Brooklyn. The teas are authentic to the area of the world that they feature and are hand selected. I recommend this company for tea lovers. The variety pack would be a great starting point to help you decide which ones are your favorite. I like all of the flavors, but my favorites are the Lemon Taxi, Peppermint Heights, Himalayan Spring (Peach Oolong) and Vanilla Chai. My husband's Favorites are Duke of Earl Grey, Graffiti Burst (Pomegranate White Tea) and Golden Dragon (Yunnan Gold Tea).

Here is how I made my Vanilla Chai. It was so easy and yet it tasted like it was purchased from a high end cafe. I brewed the K-cup, allowed about 20 minutes for the tea to cool so that it did not melt my ice cubes, then put half 2% milk and half vanilla chair tea into my blender, added lots of ice, and pure vanilla. I have done this twice, once with some sugar and once without, it is purely preference. Either way was delicious. Tonight's drink was without sugar and suited me fine.

For more information about the company or to purchase their tea, You can find Prospect Tea on Amazon. The nice thing is that you do not have to get the variety pack if you prefer something else. Each tea comes in their own large box of that one flavor as well.

Here is the company website: Prospect Tea

Would you like to win a box for your own? One of my readers will win a Variety pack of teas. USA only please.

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  1. Oh yummy, thank you so much for the informative review and giveaway. I've never tried vanilla chai but if I win, *crosses fingers* it will be the first tea I try. Thanks again.

  2. I wanted to note that drinking tea and eating a biscuit with it or a scone, and cuddling up with a good book, is my favorite way to unwind.
    Thanks again.

  3. I like pretty much anything chai!

  4. I would love to win this. We love tea here.