Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exfolimate: Set of 2 Facial Exfoliation tools: Reviewed

Exfoliation is key. If you want smoother, softer, healthier, rosier complexion that looks younger, exfoliate your skin. I have tired many methods over the years, microfiber microdermabrasion face cloths, corundum crystals for microdermabrasion, facial scrubs, honey and sugar scrubs, sponges and many more. I had the opportunity to try something I had not heard of before. Exfolimate is an Australian made exfoliation device that comes in a 2 piece set. One smaller piece is for facial smoothing, and the larger one is for areas of the body such as arms and legs, etc.

Exfolimate works well because it increases circulation to the capillaries and gives a natural rosy glow. It removes dry dead skin cells that dull skin and make skin rough and uneven in tone. Proper exfoliation reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This smoothes skin, preparing it for moisturizer and anti-wrinkle cream application.

What is Exfolimate? These personal exfoliation tools for the face & body are used to gently exfoliate prior to any skincare, shaving or hair removal treatments (shaving, epilating, or cream depilatory). The secret is its patented laser formed edge with micro grooves which combine with warm water in the bath or shower to exfoliate gently, naturally, quickly & easily. Use the exfolimate to remove dead skin cells, oils, dirt and grime.

It is a white plastic pie slice shaped device with a precise metal edge for smoothing. At first I was a little worried about the device, thinking it resembled a blade and was worried about using it on my facial skin. But after running my fingertip over it several times, I realized there was no cause for concern. Use a gentle hand and with a light pressure, glide across the desired areas.

The secret to its skill is the innovative "micro-groove technology etched into the smooth metal edge." The grooves gently lift and remove dead skin cells, and dirt, revealing younger looking, smoother skin. Exfolimate gently exfoliates the face and body and is super easy to use. I have been using it every day in the shower and my face is LOVING it. I have only used the body device on my cleavage creasing so far as I am a side sleeper and have some lined areas in between. I have not tried it as a pre-shave exfoliation on my legs, however do think that it would be perfectly suited for legs.

Here is how I use the small device on my face. I wash my face with hot water(I wash with the oil cleansing method and use a mix of argan, jojoba, calendula, grape seed and glycerin oils and remove my makeup) and a hot wash cloth to steam out blackheads, then rinse with cool water and leave my face soaked with water. I start in the areas around my nose, and with a light touch, I glide the tool from nose crease outward towards my cheek and toward my earlobes. I do both sides of my face twice, and then I do my area in between my eyebrows upward toward my forehead. Lastly, I do my neck upwards toward my chin and jawlines. I often do this at night before bed as well. I have not had any irritation or breakouts. I really am liking this product.

Afterwards my skin feels softer and looks brighter. What I like is that it provides a smooth base for better makeup application. My foundation applies easier and more natural without caking. As mentioned, the larger tool can be used pre-shave for a smoother shave, lifting the hairs which prepares them for a closer shave. I do not use tanning products, however, this also would work well for a pre-tan preparation for better spray tan results. The larger tool can be used on the bottom of feet and on heels prior to lotion application for pretty feet. It is still sandal season ladies!

To clean your Exfolimate, run the skin smoothing edge under warm running water and use the orange plastic cord to hang it to dry in your shower or on a hook in your bathroom. The cord is handy as it has a sliding piece that tightens the cord on your hand for slip free use. Simple!

To find our more or to purchase your own Exfolimate Set You can find it on Amazon Here.

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