Friday, August 1, 2014

BioTerra Herbs: Stress (gahh) Review

My husband and I are under a lot of stress. Our home that we purchased 4 years ago (our first home purchase and hopefully not our last) is about 90 years old and sadly has been a money pit ever since. It is a small country home a few miles from the city and everything that could go wrong pretty much has. (roof leaking in at least 10 areas, floors uneven, walls uneven, septic system apparently is an old cistern (a well, tank for holding water underground--we were never told it was not an actual septic system before purchasing the home)no insulation on second floor (boiling hot in summer, icy in winter), central ac and heating went out, no gutters on the house, and various electrical and cosmetic problems. It was one of those purchases where even though you shell out $300 for a home inspection and meet the sellers, you can easily get taken advantage of when you are a young couple and making your first home purchase. I think the sellers just repaired things temporarily to cover up big issues so they could sell and transfer the problems to someone else. I do understand, somewhat. They were a young family with 2 children and I guess probably someone did the same to them years back and they needed out. I just wish it was not us.

Especially now. We are a one income family and my husband had to downgrade jobs due to his company outsourcing to an international company. Our income was basically cut in half in the last 2 years and things have gone from bad to worse. Stress, yep this family has seen it. He started this current job 3 days after I gave birth to our second child, a son, in April. Life is great being a parent to 2 little ones, but finances, his job stress, and the problems with our old house are really causing some MAJOR stress.

Unfortunately, what we need is a new job for my husband and a different home. However, when the opportunity to review a nutritional supplement used for calming stress came available, I figured it would not hurt.

The company is BioTerra Herbs and they have a variety of supplements for different needs. This particular product is called "Stress (gahh)." Bioterra has natural and vegan products (Non-GMO, Gluten-free) and always feature a picture of someone on the front making a unique silly face. It is suggested to take 2 capsules after a meal once per day as dietary supplement.

The ingredients:

Bupleurum (root)
DongQuai (root body)
Chinese Peony (root without bark)
Bai-zhu Atractylodes (rhizome)
Poria (sclerotium)
Tree Peony (root bark)
Gardenia (fruit)
Ginger (fresh rhizome)
Licorice (root & rhizome)

Some of the ingredients I had not heard of, but some were familiar. Dong quai is often used for relieving menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), pelvic pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, headache, fatigue or low energy. (Mayo Clinic) Ginger, peppermint and licorice are helpful for upset stomach and are soothing. We usually make a hot tea with those ingredients when tummy aches occur in our home.

Stress (gahh) by BioTerra Herbs

Bioterra Website

My husband has a busy job as a restaurant manager at a busy hotel in our town, he is on his feet non stop from 6 am until 5 pm, and is always stressed due to not having enough staff, and the staff he does have are unreliable staff (he is usually doing a lot of bussing of tables, cleanup, orders, etc.), then there are the added stress related duties of being a manager of a restaurant. I decided he needed the supplement more than I did. He has been taking this for about 3 weeks now, along with his other daily vitamins. I am not sure how well it is working for him, but I want him to keep taking it until the bottle is empty and then perhaps afterwards as well. I like using natural ingredients, and feel they are safer and work better than pills with chemical ingredients in them. I am hoping that this will work for him and that he can at least feel a bit more calm and soothed.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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