Saturday, August 23, 2014

Precisio slanted tip tweezers: Crave Naturals: Reviewed

I have about 10 or more pairs of tweezers. Why? Well for me, tweezers are like bobby pins to me. They are prized possessions that are highly necessary, used frequently, and always misplaced. I tend to lose my tweezers and then have to buy another. Luckily I have purchased only cheapy ones. However, this is not really a good thing. The cheapy tweezers do not function well and seem to dull after a few uses. They also are rather plain and not something to tell a friend about. I always take a pair with me when I travel and have in the past slipped tweezers in my pocket at the last moment a few times before heading out the door, in hopes to get a free moment to tidy stray brow hairs in the passengers seat of our car when traveling. I would never put them in my purse as I have a slight OCD thing about not putting pens, pencils, lotions, liquids of any kind, or sharp objects in my bag for fear of causing harm to the bag. I love purses, and treat them as part of my collection. When I found out about an attractive, classy, stylish pair of tweezers that broke the mold of boring silver tweezers AND came in a plastic travel container, I was intrigued.

I found the company Crave Naturals and was selected to provide a review of their Precisio slanted tip tweezers. They have a nice looking website with pretty graphics and the products are hot pink and black mainly---which is rather awesome I do think. Being a lover of both colors, I definitely was a fan already. The tweezers are so nice looking and after opening the package, I was greeted by a cylinder shaped cardboard tube with a flashy black and white almost chevron inspired pattern. LOVE. Upon opening that container, I found another tube which was a clear plastic tube. Inside that tube was a beautiful pair of tweezers in black. LOVE again. The tweezers even had a gummy protector on the end to protect things (such as my purse) from being poked by their slanted tips.

The Precisio Slanted Tip Tweezers are comfortable to hold and have a matte black finish so that they are easy to hold and do not slip. This is a nice pair of tweezers, and seems well designed. It is capable of grabbing all the short and fine hairs on the first try. Perfection. They are surgical grade stainless steel and guaranteed for life. These should not need to be resharpened, however, if you do have any problem or defect with your pair, the company will refund your money, risk free. These did not pinch my skin or cause irritation. The clear tube is referred to as a "sanitary holding case" so that they are not "contaminated during storage" but the main reason I love the case is so that I can keep these in my purse without fear of scratching my leather wallet or poking my hand or my beloved bag.

They are not only eye candy, but also a great tool for taming my stray eyebrow hairs or touching up a missed spot on my legs after shaving. They feel sturdy and work well. These definitely are worth the extra cost and I will make sure to keep these in a safe place and not misplace them. I am really happy with these and would purchase these on my own if I ever need a spare. I might want a pair to keep in my purse and one for my vanity. I might let Trixie (my vintage blue lamb planter turned mascara wand/eyeliner pencil holder) hold them for me. I am keeping the pretty chevron cardboard case too. It is totally me.

Trixie loves them too.

For more information on the company, or to purchase these tweezers, see the links below.

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