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Bella & Bear Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit: Reviewed

Ok ladies, who has little peach fuzz on their face that wishes it was not there? Be honest. We all have it. There are so many facial hair removal methods available, some more effective than others. Some are more expensive than others. Some involve plugging into electrical outlets, or use batteries, some include application of messy, unpleasantly fragranced (sulfur or egg smell) creams that melt the hair by using strong chemicals.

I had the opportunity to review a product from the Bella and Bear company. It is a hair removal set of peachy orange tweezers and a coordinating peachy orange spring like hair removal device based on the threading method. Threading is an ancient method of hair removal, by using threads rolled back and forth to remove hair by the root.

Bella and Bear products are cute, girly, and the polka dot floral packaging is reminiscent of fifties hollywood or vintage pin up glamour. The products have cute names and this one is no exception, cleverly named "Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit", this set is easy to slip into a purse or weekend bag. No more unpleasant depilatory creams or electrical devices need to be packed when you go away on a trip.

The set comes with a set of peachy orange painted metal tweezers and a long spring that grabs out hair from the roots. The tweezers seem to work well for me and I have used them a few times with removing stray hairs along my eyebrows. I did notice some of the color coming off after a few weeks of use. The spring facial epilator has peachy orange handles on each end. In order to use this, hold each end and bend into an upside down U shape. Slowly and effortlessly rotate the handles in and out while placing this against the area of hair removal, while also moving the remover upwards. Hair and peach fuzz are caught into the metal spring and removed by the roots. It is not 100% painless, but it is not terrible. Those who are used to waxing, epilating or tweezing should not be bothered by much discomfort. It did not cause me pain, except for some stinging on my upper lip area, as that part is always more sensitive to me. This seems to be suitable for most hair and skin types, including sensitive skin. I did not have any irritation.

I used to use products such as Nair, Veet, and other depilatory creams, gels, etc. They would burn/melt the hair, cause redness and irritation, and often only part of the hair would be disintegrated, while the skin was left irritated with some weak (partially broken) hair left on my arms or face. I like how it seems more efficient than using tweezers alone. More than one hair is removed at a time, which is quite nice. It is easy to clean this facial epilator tool, just hold the two ends bent and rinse under water, then let it air dry. To keep it sanitary, use an alcohol wipe. It is a bit awkward to store, as it is quite long. I store mine on my dresser vanity upright in a pretty vintage strawberry pattern ceramic sugar container (along with eyeliner pencils, mascaras, etc.) :)

This could be used as a touch up on legs or arms. For arm use, you would need the help of someone else. This device works well and is convenient for traveling or use at home. I have found it easy to use on my face while watching tv (it catches the hairs pretty well, but I lay a hand towel on my lap in case as I am paranoid) and it would be easy to use while riding as a passenger in a car. I would not say it is the only spring facial epilator stick I have seen like this, as to be honest I have used this type of spring device years ago and have seen many similar brands of these. They all seem to work the same for me, but I like them. This one is nice as it comes in a matching set, is a nice color, and the packaging is pretty. Yes, I totally kept the packaging for this set and the Bella and Bear eyelash curler. It is nice to not have to wait and buy this facial epilator from overseas. You purchase it directly from Bella and Bear in the USA. I also like how sweet the people at the Bella & Bear company are, they are always quick to answer my questions. Price-wise, I think this set should not be more than $15 total after shipping as there seem to be similar spring device facial epilators sold alone without tweezers for much less. However, as mentioned, shipping for those others would most definitely be from Asia, and probably take 3-4 weeks (maybe longer) to arrive. The other brands would not have good customer service, and most likely would not have a 100% money back guarantee. The Bella & Bear products are tested before they are sent to you.

Currently the company is having a special where you Save 20% each on qualifying items offered by Bella and Bear when you purchase 1 or more on Amazon. Enter code BEAR2020 at checkout. To purchase on Amazon: Facial Hair Remover Kit by Bella and Bear. They have a nice cherry red eyelash curler that I reviewed: Here. If you are interested, you can view or purchase the curler on Amazon. Eyelash Curler: Eye & Mighty Adorable name.

The spring epilator can be used on the upper lip (mustache) hair, chin, cheeks, and jawlines. I would not recommend that it be used on eyebrows or too close to the brows. I have used it between my brows, but you need to be careful not to get your brows caught in it. For more information, or to purchase on Amazon: Facial Hair Remover Kit by Bella and Bear

I do like this set, it is one of my favorite colors, the branding/packaging is cute, the customer service is stellar, and the set works well for my uses. Have you used one of these type devices previously? What type of hair removal do you use?

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