Friday, August 15, 2014

Bru Joy Ultra-Sharp Dual Blade Julienne Peeler: Reviewed

We try to eat a lot of vegetables in our home when we can. Our 3 1/2 year old was started on healthy food as a baby. She began as a breastfed infant, through young toddlerhood, and was given vegetables and fruit whenever they were available. She does not know what fruit juice, fruit punches, or soft drinks are, and hopefully her taste for them will be delayed for a long while as she loves water and milk.

Our family enjoys fruits and veggies, but sometimes they can get a little boring. There are always different ways to cook them, however it is always nice to have their appearance look inviting and interesting. We were sent a peeler to test out. I know my little girl (and soon in a few months when he is a bit older, my infant son) will love her veggies even more now. It is from the same company as the can opener I reviewed this week. This is another similarly made product by Bru Joy and is works quite well. We tried it on an apple and although it does not julienne it due to the size of the apple, it does peel the outside skin which makes for a tastier apple in my opinion (yes I know the peel is where the most nutrition lies). I have not tried a carrot yet, due to the fact we always buy baby carrots in a bag that are already peeled. I am excited to try this peeler on a sweet potato and make thin shoestring sweet potato fries. Ultra-Sharp Dual Blade Julienne Peeler

What really got me excited about this peel is the fact that I can peel a frozen banana with it. Wait, you say, why is that so handy and how often will I need to do that? For me, at least 1-2 times DAILY. I drink a matcha green tea / chocolate cacao powder/ vanilla protein powder/ milk/ frozen banana smoothie 1-2 times a day. I drink one for breakfast and usually another for an afternoon pick up, to provide energy and a touch of natural sweetness. I put 2-3 bananas in the fridge the night before and the next morning I need 1 1/2 bananas for my morning shake. I had previously used ice and just put regular bananas in the smoothie but it seemed to lessen the flavor and water it down a bit. I then tried frozen bananas instead of ice and got a better flavor, however the bananas were hard to peel all the way and I had to scrape them with a butter knife to remove the peel. Often the banana would get wittled away as well along with the peel and I would have little banana left.

I decided to try the Bru Joy peeler, and it works PERFECTLY! I now use the peeler every day for this purchase to peel my frozen bananas and I love the peeler. I remove a frozen banana, run it under warm water a few seconds to remove the frost and soften the skin, then I peel. Super easy. The frozen banana stays frozen, and I have zero skin in my smoothie. Previously when I used a butter knife, the peeling would never remove fully, and I would have bits of peel in my smoothie and it was much to earthy for my liking.

This peeler is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It is stainless steel and dual sided. It can peel or julienne veggies which great ease. I am excited to use this on zucchinis or squash and then cook with some butter and salt as a side dish. I also will use this as for sweet potato fries (shoe string, thin ones).

It is extremely easy to clean, just rinse the dual blades in running water then put the peeler in dishwasher. I have not put it in the dishwasher yet as I have been mainly using this for peels, so I cannot comment on if it is rust resistant, however, obviously you should blot it dry after getting it wet, no matter if hand washing or using in the dishwasher.

For more information, you can find the product on Amazon: Ultra-Sharp Dual Blade Julienne Peeler

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  1. Blueberries are my favorite right now! I love them frozen with a bit of cream poured over them and a touch of stevia to sweeten.

  2. I would share this with my she could help me with all the veggies coming out of my garden now! ;)

    1. How lovely of you to share this with her! This peeler works fantastic with squash, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, etc.

      Blueberries are my husband's favorite s well. I love blueberry scented things--we once bought some homemade shampoo from an etsy seller that not only was natural, but smelled like blueberries and cream! Frozen ones are wonderful in smoothies.