Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kazu Foods: Authentic Japanese Genmai Cha (Brown Rice Tea) Reviewed

We drink a lot of tea in this household. I often like to relax in the early morning with a nice cup of hot tea. The quiet cool moments in the morning when the world is only partially awake and the birds are singing, is a nice time to catch up on reading emails or writing in my planner. I often like to drink a hot matcha, or a lemon black tea, but often am in the mood for something simple, basic and light. I recently came across a Japanese tea made from a blend of traditional green tea and roasted brown-rice. It is called Genmai-cha and is my new favorite. It is so simple and unique. When I first tried it, I was surprised. It tasted exactly like the brown puffed rice cereal I often eat.

I made mine with the hot water from my Keurig, which I realized is not a special or traditional way to make it, but I normally do not have a lot of time for me to take extra steps, so this is what works best for me. I let my tea steep for about 10 minutes, it was not as hot as most people would like, however, I do not like extremely hot tea. I did not add any sugar or milk. I took a sip and was in love. It was delicious. It was filling and satisfying due to the rice flavor. The lightly toasted flavor of the roasted brown rice reminded me of a thin soup broth. This yellow hued tea is incredibly healthy, and has the same benefits of green tea, (antioxidants and vitamin C)however, it tastes less bitter and strong.

My husband tasted it as well. We both liked the mild flavor and I will get more of this tea. I personally do not need any sugar in it. I think that it might be off putting to have it sweet due to the rice flavor it gives off. This is a delightful tea, I highly recommend it.

Find it on Amazon: Genmai Cha (Brown Rice Tea)

This tea is distributed by the Kazu Trading Company. They distribute organic superfoods and teas to grocery stores in the US. I am very pleased with this product and will be posting a review on their Matcha tea shortly. I was sent one tea packet for the purpose of this review. I only wish I was sent more. I will be purchasing this in the near future on my own.

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