Friday, May 29, 2015

Solilor Girls Backless Halter Chiffon Dress Review

I love having a little girl to wear pretty things.  My daughter is 4 and she enjoys dressing up just as much as I enjoy finding things for her to dress up with.  I have always enjoyed wearing the typical girly attire as well as jewelry and hair accessories, and my daughter is very fond as well.  She loves imagining she is a princesse, mermaid, or fairy lately, and so when I had the opportunity to review a fancy dress that could be both for dress up and formal wear I was very pleased.

Solilor is a fashion brand on Amazon and sent me a beautiful chiffon dress for my daughter to try.  We have this in the pink version and it is definitely the perfect shade of pink. It can appear peach in some lighting and depending on the hair flower or accessory you pair it with, or it can lean towards a warm pink. 

The material is absolutely wonderful. It is well made and adorable. The straps which make up the bow are thick and secure the dress well. We have size 5 (as mentioned above my daughter is 4 years old and weighs about 34 lbs.) and although it is slightly big on her, it fits well with lots of room to grow.

This dress could be a costume, or easily worn to a wedding (flower girl or as a guest). I think it could be definitely be an Easter dress as it is not too short and the material would photograph well. It is a very pretty color and a fantastic Spring or Summer dress. I made a coordinating peach hair fascinator flower for her to wear with this dress. She saw some faux pearl beads of mine and asked to wear them for the picture. :)

I am supremely impressed with the quality and hope that the seller adds more of these in other colors.   I think this dress in an apple green or cherry red would be amazing for the Christmas holidays.  I imagine that the blue is gorgeous in person as well. The stitching was precise and neat, and this arrived in fantastic condition. Highly recommended. 

*This dress was provided for honest review evaluation.

Solilor's chiffon halter dress can be found on Amazon: Solilor Backless Chiffon Dress

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