Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Knight Visor Polarized Professional HD Night Vision Glasses for Driving Review

My husband gets tired at night when driving and both of us have difficulty driving when there are bright lights driving toward us.  I do not drive much during the day, but even rarer do I drive at night. I wear contacts and often my astigmatism bothers me when driving at night.  

I had the opportunity to review some night driving glasses and since my husband is the main driver in the household, I thought I would have him try them out.  They are a unisex pair of sporty glasses, with a yellow lens tint.  They do lean more towards a man's pair of glasses, however honestly they are not for fashion, they are of safety and so neither of us mind the look of them.  With 2 small and precious cargo (our 2 young children) we need to be as safe as possible and my husband's eyes need all the help they can get at night.  

The glasses are called Knight Visor Polarized Night Vision Glasses  and I like how these arrived in a nice box and come with a sturdy hard case and other extras.  Inside the hard zipper case is a storage bag which protects the glasses even more from accidental scratches.  The company also includes a clip to attach the glasses to a visor if you chose to store them that way.  They also come with a cleaning cloth which is similar to other microfiber ones, however we are always losing these and they are so very useful.  

For those of you that are not familiar with the purpose of yellow polarized lenses, I will briefly explain.  Polarized lenses reduce glare from the headlights of oncoming cars (and those seen in your mirrors), shiny / wet pavement, and other reflective surfaces by filtering light.  Polarized lenses make objects appear clearer, and sharper.  

My husband and I like these glasses and find that they work as intended.  I think it is really neat how these glasses are extra durable against bending and breaking.  I have not tested the bend-ability aspect of these, but they are supposed to withstand excessive wear and tear, such as if you were to accidentally bend them out in the reverse direction.  (Toddlers anyone?) :)  

These are fairly comfortable and have padded, non slip nose pads and silicone grips on the ear piece to prevent slipping.  These seem like they will last and we are pleased to have these, especially for our upcoming weekend trip where we will be on the road for a few hours in the evening.  

Knight Visor Polarized Night Vision Glasses

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