Thursday, May 21, 2015

Click-A-Brick Army Defenders Review

My 4 year old loves her Click-A-Brick Animal Kingdom  builders set that we reviewed a few months ago.  We we are super excited to be able to review the Click-A-Brick Army Defenders set this month which is the newest creation from the brand.  These blocks are fun for children and adults alike and are a great way to promote imaginative play.  Click-A-Brick's can be connected from all sides and corners.  My daughter loves to forming extra long diagonal lines and "steps" as she refers to them.

This toy assists with improving motor and dexterity skills as well as spatial reasoning.  The Army Defender is not just for boys.  Girls can (and do) have just as much fun building vehicles.  She does not currently make the vehicles, but my husband and I were impressed with the full color booklet that showed all the awesome creations and configurations that are possible.  This set comes with instructions on how to build all 10 vehicles pictured.  My daughter mainly likes to make random objects (a vacuum cleaner was made from her first set)  and create fun robots.

The product is very durable, however we did have one block crack on the edge of the square part where the material is thin.  The particular broken block does still fit together and her pay is not affected, but I just thought I would mention it.

The blocks sometimes can be difficult to pull apart, however my 4 year old does an amazing job and loves her 2 sets.  The addition of wheels makes this set really cool.  She is happy with the new colors as now she can make trees and other green items.  We recommend this toy.  My only critique
 is that we would have liked it to come with a muslin or cotton drawstring storage bag to keep the blocks inside.  The cardboard box is difficult to store the blocks in.

*I was sent a set of the Army Defenders from Click-A-Brick.  You can visit them on Facebook to see new products and for updates.   Visit the Click-A-Brick website for even more fun! These toys are available on Amazon.

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