Monday, May 4, 2015

Night Light with Automatic Sensor by DeZignerZ Choice Review

Our little baby does not really have much of his own spot in our tiny home.  I really feel bad about that, but we honestly thought and hoped we would have been able to move somewhere better suited for our growing family by now.  Our 4 year old daughter has her own nursery-turn-room, and they would not have done well together as it really is not safe to have them together and they would also keep each other awake at night.  So little fella has been in our bedroom since birth. He is now 1 year old and he had been bedside for the first 10 months of his life in a large bassinet.  He is a small framed baby so we were able to get by with that sleep area safely as he did not start sitting up until around that time.

We converted our bedroom closet into a Nursery Nook as I call it and I am happy that he has his own little space of his own.  (We removed the door and he sleeps in a Bloom Alma Mini Crib with some room to spare outside the crib).  He is happy in there at night and only uses it for napping and night sleeping.  Although we usually have a nightlight in our room, that Nook area would get darker than he was liking and he would wake up crying frequently.

I was sent a night light  for review from  Online Interior Design / DeZignerZ Choice.  This is a classy modern light with a frosted square glass and LED.  It has an automatic light sensor to stay on when the room is dark and phases off when there is sufficient light or when it is day time.  I am liking this light and I am glad it is automatic light sensing.  I do want to mention that since his little Nook does not get a whole lot of extra light, that even during daytime his night light stays on constantly if we do not unplug it.  So we have to manually remove it every morning to turn it off.  This uses 0.5 watts and is energy efficient, however, I do not want it on during the day.  I would have liked a switch on it as well for cases such as this as I sometimes forget to unplug it.  I was happy that this came in a set of 2 night lights.  We have the other one in his sister's room behind her head board of her bed.  

The frosted glass gives off a nice glow and is bright enough to make both children feel secure and safe, but is not too bright to keep them awake.  It has stayed cool to the touch which is important as well.  

As mentioned above, I was sent this LED Designer Night Light from Online Interior Design / DeZignerZ Choice, in exchange for an honest review.

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