Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Makeup Blender (Latex Free) Foundation Sponge Review (Generic)

What do you use to apply your foundation and or BB cream? I used to use my fingers or even farther back (in high school), I used those white triangle foam wedges that came in a large pack for about $2-3. About 3 years ago, I started using a pink gourd shaped makeup blending sponge from Avon, loved it, and bought about 6-8 of them while they were being discontinued. I still kept hearing so many beauty "gurus" on youtube speak of the holy grail of sponges, the Beauty Blender. It was almost $20 and I was not about to pay that on a small sponge! Well, guess what, I ended up purchasing it and kept it unused in its box as I was afraid to use it for fear of it ripping and me being out money. The Avon gourd sponges were nice however after a good 2-3 months they would crack and eventually split nearly all the way through. I finally opened the Beauty Blender and it was a Eureka moment. Where had it been all my life? I loved my new sponge and it was perfect for a good 2 years. It finally got one small crack in it and one day after it was drying on the bathroom counter after a gentle bath, my 4 year old got ahold of it and was playing with it without my knowledge. (I was distracted with our 1 year old and my 4 year old was supposed to be washing her hands. Her hand washing sessions usually entail rinsing the soap off for about 5-10 minutes straight as she plays in the water. I was changing a diaper and then getting her brother laid down for a nap while she was in there "washing." Apparently she was playing with the sponge and rinsing it and blotting it on the counter and applying imaginary makeup to the counter and the sponge finally was done in.

I had not wanted to purchase another expensive blender, but knew nothing really compared to that brand. I had been on the search for a dupe for weeks and all the generic sponges were very similar, more dense, and not a springy as the BB sponge. I was given the opportunity to review a similar sponge and I thought I would see if it perhaps was the one I was looking for.

The one sent to me was from Salon Supply Store and gourd shaped similar to the Avon sponges.  It is a fine sponge and wonders well.  My makeup is blended evenly.  The Avon ones always worked well also, except the reason I love the Beauty Blender is just how soft and gentle it is.  It needs very little pressure to glide along the skin.  This gourd shaped one (the company has a teardrop shaped that looks the same shape of the Beauty Blender but was out of stock at the time) works exactly like the Avon one.  So it is good, but sadly not my complete "dupe" (as they say in the makeup blogging world) to the Beauty Blender.  They feel differently when both dry and wet.

If I had never tried the name brand, I never would have known I was missing anything, because these generic ones really are great.  They blend foundation flawlessly and still leave a smooth, even application.

To use a blending sponge:  run it under water and lightly squeeze out the excess, and then put some makeup on the sponge and apply it to my face.  In fact I am sure that if I were to use them on my face the same day (one on one side and one on the other, my makeup would still look even, and match, and look nice.  It is mainly the application as it is being done.  One brand glides better and is more comfortable ad softer on my skin.  Both are easy to clean.  For the sake of this review, I did purchase another name brand Beauty Blender as I needed one anyway.  I keep these generic ones for travel and they work well.  They are less than $3 each and on the Salon Supply webstore, after shipping they are about $5 total.  Compared to the name brand, that is a fantastic savings.

I do recommend these generic ones, but do know, that if you have tried the name brand, these budget ones are different in texture and density.

*I received a blender for this review, all opinions are my own.

Here are both brands before soaking.  Salon Supply Store blender is on left and the Name brand blender is on the right.  

It is interesting and neat that when wet, they are both roughly the same size.  The generic one does not expand as much, due to its density.  The Beauty Blender is very light weight.

I will still use the generic one as a back up and for travel.  I do love my teardrop beauty blender best and have been spoiled by it.

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