Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fibolica Hair Fibers for Concealing Hair Loss: Review

Are you or a loved one getting thin on top of your scalp or severely balding in some areas? Fibolica is  a quick, simple, and easy solution for covering the effects of hair loss due to age, genetics, health, tress, male pattern hair loss, etc..  Simply shake (at a 45 degree angle) the plant fibers onto the thinning areas on your head and instantly the hair fibers bond securely to your existing hair.  Please note that this is not in any way increasing hair production, regrowing hair, or solving the cause of hair loss, but is only covering the signs of hair loss.

Hair treatments can be expensive, invasive, and take months or longer for drastic improvement.  Fibolica is an option for those needing to cover sparse areas fast.  Perhaps you are needing to cover thinning spots for a reunion or an event, or even just want to use it everyday (if your current hair loss bothers you).    These powder like fibers attach to the tiny existing hairs you have remaining, and increases volume to your thinning areas, while making it appear that you do not have any loss at all.

*I was sent a 2 month supply of Fibolica to review*

I do not have excessive hair loss, but I do have some areas of my scalp that show at the scalp part and my hair sheds a lot more in the last year due to stress and hormones.  Using a fiber based thickener can make your hair look fuller and healthier.  I mainly use fibolica (black) near my temples and in my middle part.  I also use it as a natural root touch up on week 3 before I do my Henna treatment (on week 4 or 5) for my sparse greys.  It may sound strange, but it seems to work for me.  I got this idea when I was not able to order my henna in time for an even and I wanted to cover my premature grey at the top of my head.  I had some fiber based mascara that is intended to thicken the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows.  I used the mascara on my new growth where it was grey on top.  It washed out when I shampooed my hair but otherwise it worked great.  For me, this is a solution to cover the white parts of my scalp, while darkening my grey areas a bit.

The hair fibers are made from Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, a natural fiber extracted from a plant that only grows in arid regions of Morocco. These plant fibers bond up to 200% stronger than regular hair fibers. Fibolica uses an all-natural formula and does not use chemicals of any kind.

I like this product as it is easy to use, is not overly messy (the fibers stay in my hair) and it makes my hair appear fuller.

Here are the available shades:

Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Red, Blonde, Light Blonde, Grey or White.

To view the Fibolica shades: http://fibolica.com/fibolica_hair_fiber_color_selection.html

To see some individuals who use this as it is intended, you can view Fibolica's website.

Watch me apply it in this video.  Please excuse my tired face (it was filmed late and my hair is pulled back and the bun is lumpy.) :)

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