Friday, May 15, 2015

BioDefense UV Sanitizing Wand Review

Are any of you traveling this summer? Staying at a hotel?  Germs are everywhere even in high end hotels and places that look nice. We cannot see a germ, but they are there, and you try not to think about it. I know when we have stayed in a hotel, my husband (who has worked as a manager in hotels for years) will tell me over and over, "uh you don't want to sit on that comforter." And I look at the pretty comforter that is actually not looking like 90's wallpaper but actually looks classy and fashionable, and he says that even in nicer hotels do not wash their comforters after every guest stay, sometimes it is once a week or often times only once per month. Eww. So From now on, I do not lay on the comforter or let my young children roll around on it without removing it or unless I lay a clean sheet on top of it. I am a big fan of disinfectant wipes, whether Clorox wipes or something else. I try to use natural based ones if possible, and of course if hands and faces will be using them, of course I use safe, gentle ones. You cannot really use a sanitizing wipe on a bedspread, not really. So when I was given the opportunity to review a UV sanitizing wand from Biodefense, I was thrilled to try it. I really have always wanted a device such as this.

What about flying?  We have not been on a plane since before I was pregnant with my first child, but we hope to go somewhere someday if funds allow.  Airplanes are another germ infested place.  Those seats? They do not shampoo the cushions, and I am pretty sure they do not wipe armrests or backs of the seats.  Also those cheesy flight catalogues that have somewhat unique and sometimes strange, overpriced gadgets in them? Yuck.  I hope the one in the seat pocket was not taken as "reading material" for the potty.  You know we all get so bored sometimes and pick up the magazine and forget it has been thumbed through by hundreds.  Eww again.

What about those of us who aren't traveling, but who go to restaurants, waiting rooms,  car repair places, gas stations, and public toilets at the mall (that is really a gross place).  I always hate finding a proper changing room or changing table for my baby.  They are never clean or they may look clean, but you know that even though I wipe the changing table down before and after use, it is unlikely that many others before me do the same courtesy.  These are the times I really need a sanitizing wand.

Now I do not know for a fact that using a wand is definitely strong enough to kill the gems, but it at least eases my mind.  I do know that UV sanitizes.  This wand uses UV-C light to kill germs on a variety of objects and surfaces, such as mobile devices, doorknobs, baby/pet toys, keyboards, TV remotes, phones (hotels) shopping cart handles, hotel comforters, changing tables, toilet seats or anything else.

The Biodefense wand is compact and cute.  I love how it fits easily in my diaper bag.  (Which I now sanitize weekly since it is not wipeable (Tapestry/Velvet and Tweed).  I am sanitizing it in my photos, and it was super easy.

Here is how to use it:

It comes with a usb charging cord, which really only works when connected to the usb outlet.  Batteries work best for me (4 AAA).  Just press and hold the power button on for about 5 seconds, then the LED lights comes on.  Place the wand about 1/4 inch above the surface, and use a steady, slow sweeping motion for about 30 seconds (I tend to do it slightly longer perhaps 45 seconds) over the item or area to disinfect.  This claims to kill 99% of germs, so this eases my mind.  There is no way for me personally to know if this is working but again, I am so happy to have this.  It is easy to use and lightweight.  You must press the power button to turn it off.  I like how it temporarily turns the light off when it is pointed upwards so that it is not pointed towards eyes.  Never allow this to touch skin.

This is available on Amazon: BioDefense

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